Mannheim, Germany: Kurdish Cultural Festival Riot Injures 80 Police

Muslims apparently can’t behave even during celebratory occasions. Forty thousand Kurds were experiencing the charm of their ethnic togetherness which ended up in a battle with 600 police who were called to restore order.

Maybe Muslim festivals in Europe are not a good idea. Like Muslim immigration.

Kurdish gathering turns violent in Mannheim, The Local, September 9, […]

GOP's Anti-sharia Plank Defended

Props to counter-jihadist and supporter of women’s rights Brigitte Gabriel for smacking down sharia-friendly Congressman Keith Ellison, shown in the video below. He had criticized the GOP platform for supporting the Constitution in the face of assaults by foreign law, particularly sharia. In an interview with Mother Jones (Rep. Keith Ellison: GOP Is “Basically a […]

New Mexico: Decade of Illegal Alien Drivers Licenses Fails to Increase Insurance Purchase

One of the favorite fantasies for public consumption of open-borders raza activists is the idea that if states reward illegal aliens with drivers licenses then the foreigners will buy car insurance as a sign of their newfound responsibility.

Of course, that theory makes no sense at all. Foreigners who break the law to enter this country […]

Mayor Villaraigosa Limps Back to Los Angeles after Failing His Close-Up

Los Angeles’ hispanic Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa had his moment in the glare of the national spotlight at the Democratic Convention, and did not get good marks. His handling of the changes to the party platform from the stage was arguably the worst, most cringeworthy moment of the convention, as the audience refused to co-operate and […]