President Obama Praises Huma Abedin at White House Ramadan Event

A few days ago I noted Andrew McCarthy’s speech to the National Press Club which posed reasonable questions about Islamist penetration of Washington. One sub-topic was the curious character of Huma Abedin, a top staffer to the Secretary of State whose family is a long-standing influence within the Muslim Brotherhood.

As McCarthy summarized, “Ms. Abedin had […]

Jihadist Soldier (US Army) Sentenced to Life in Prison

Last May, Muslim soldier (and pacifist poser) Naser Abdo was convicted of plotting to bomb Fort Hood troops in a nearby restaurant, an attack which he hoped would surpass that of his hero, Army psychiatrist Nidal Hasan who succeeded in murdering 13 and wounding 32 others.

Repentance has not come to Private Abdo during his period […]