Islamified Britain: Honor-Killing Pakistani Parents Sentenced

It must be difficult to be a young Muslim woman in the West, and see individual freedom all around that you are not allowed to experience. Shafilea Ahmed wanted to live as a free person, but her Pakistani parents (first cousins) murdered the 17-year-old to cleanse the family honor from the stain of her independent […]

ICE Agent Suspended for Arresting Dangerous Alien

More evidence that the universe of law and order is inside out under the Obama administration: an ICE agent is under suspension for arresting an unlicensed illegal alien driver with 10 priors, while the 35-year-old illegal was released.

According to a 2008 study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, unlicensed drivers are involved in one […]

Coren & Spencer Do Weekly Hostile Islam Review

Sun TV’s Michael Coren announced that he would have a weekly round-up of hostile Muslim news with Robert Spencer of Jihadwatch every Thursday. They will have plenty of material, as can be seen on the rolling body count tracked on The Religion of Peace — over 19,000 deaths from Islamic jihadists since 9/11 and more […]