Michael Coren Interviews Imam Rauf

I agree with VladTepesBlog that Michael Coren’s interview of Ground Zero Mosque huckster Imam Rauf is superior to Sean Hannity’s.

Coren is familiar with the Middle East firsthand and also knows all the tricks of Islamist arguments. He doesn’t let Rauf get away with the usual obfuscating about Islam, sharia and Muslims.

The follow-up talk with Robert […]

Non-Mexican Latin Illegals Keep Coming

Raza-friendly media like the New York Times tries to claim that illegal Mexican immigration has slowed to zero (very doubtful), but often find it convenient to ignore unlawful crossers from everywhere else on the globe.

Below, Hondurans await a Mexican train going north to the US.

Central Americans keep coming, because their countries really are dirt-poor (unlike […]