Illegal Alien Crosswalk Killer Is Sentenced in Santa Rosa

Four-year-old Christopher “Buddy” Rowe was killed last August as he walked with his mom and two sisters on the way to soccer practice. He lagged a bit behind the others and was struck in the marked crosswalk and flew 80 feet when hit by illegal alien Marcos Lopez Garcia.

The illegal then sped off and switched […]

Illegal Alien Bangladeshi Is Sentenced for Murdering Hillsdale NY Grandmother

Sadly, the murder of 73-year-old Lois Decker (pictured) was entirely preventable. Her killer, Shafiqul Islam of Bangladesh, had been convicted of child sex abuse in 2008 and was supposed to be deported, but was eventually released instead:

20 to life for grandmother’s murder, Register-Star (Hudson, NY), June 27, 2012

[. . .] Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement […]

Saudi Found Guilty of Terror Plot in West Texas

In less than two hours on Wednesday, an Amarillo jury found a Middle Eastern man guilty of trying to build a weapon of mass destruction. Saudi national Khalid Aldawsari (pictured) came to the United States as a student to study chemical engineering at Texas Tech, but his interests turned to jihad instead of science.

He was arrested in […]

FBI Is Investigating 100 Islamic Extremists in Military

Islamic diversity has not worked out well for the US military, as illustrated most tragically by the preventable jihadist mass murder at Fort Hood in which 13 soldiers and personnel (shown below) were killed by Army psychiatrist Nidal Hasan as he shouted, “Allah ackbar.” Dozens more were wounded.

Even so, the Army’s top officer General George […]

Washington to Arizonans: Drop Dead

Monday’s events are a dreary testament to the friends of sovereignty about the weakened strength of a nation of laws. The Supreme Court told Arizona police they could ask about immigration status during lawful encounters, but the DHS quickly announced that it would no longer pick up those illegal aliens to be deported unless they […]

Kris Kobach: Obama Amnesty Violates Federal Law

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach appeared on Lou Dobb’s Fox Business show last week, where he explained that President Obama’s amnesty for DREAM kids is not only a wrongful step into the powers of the legislature, but is also a violation of existing federal law. Title 8 Section 1225 disallows so-called discretion for broad […]

Final Convicted Murderer of Teenager Cheryl Green Is Sentenced to 238 Years

It was 2006 when 14-year-old Cheryl Green (pictured) was shot and killed while hanging out with her friends in the Harbor Gateway neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Now, six years later, the final sentencing of the last gangster has come down. So much for the right to a “speedy trial” as guaranteed in the Sixth Amendment. How […]

Illegal Alien from Morocco Pleads Guilty to Capitol Bomb Plot

The court system keeps pretty busy with Muslim terrorists, but it simplifies the process by welcoming plea deals, as happened Friday in the case of the Moroccan Amine El Khalifi (pictured) who schemed to blow up the US Capitol.

Plea deals diminish distasteful details about how Muslim immigrants and aliens routinely plot to mass-murder Americans. The […]

Tom Tancredo Identifies a Possible Obama DREAMer

Former Congressman Tom Tancredo has turned up an example of an illegal alien who would have been eligible for Obama’s DREAM Lite, but Texas executed the alien for the rape and murder of a teenager before he got to apply.

Humberto Leal Garcia (pictured) committed a particularly brutal crime (disturbing details about bite marks, etc. can […]

Ombamnesty Effect on American Workers Is Considered (Weakly)

The Contra Costa Times immigration reporter tried his liberal best to present both sides of the Obamnesty, including the downer of more workers being unleashed on jobless citizens. (California statewide unemployment in May was 10.8 percent, so joblessness is a big concern here.)

But Matt O’Brien’s questionable attempt at “fair and balanced” was neither. The piece […]

Houston Illegals “Bombard” Immigration Lawyers

Here’s a new word for your diverse vocabulary: “charla.” It’s Spanish and means a Q&A session with an immigration lawyer. The one pictured below was put on in Houston, courtesy of Catholic Charities, which routinely acts as an active anti-sovereignty enabler of lawbreaking aliens.

It’s interesting that the possession of a GED is now a qualifier […]

Mexico's Calderon Cheers Obama's Amnesty Valor to Mexicans; Plus Numbers

As expected, Mexico’s Presidente Calderon was thrilled with his pal Obama’s pre-election amnesty reversal. More freebies for illegal Mexicans on the US taxpayer’s tab means more disposable income to be sent home to Mexico as remittances. El Presidente likes that just fine.

Interestingly, as the days have rolled by since Obama’s announcement, different estimates of the […]

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