Michael Coren Interviews Psychologist Sennels

Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels has worked among Muslims in prison and has some thoughtful observations about the ways in which Islamic culture is quite different from Western values.

In Danish youth prisons, 70 percent of inmates are Muslim, so assimilation is not going well according to the crime measure.

Sennels reports that Muslims have little reason to […]

Australia Poll: Half Want Immigration to End

Why don’t we ever get nice straightforward polls like this in America? It would be a welcome change if Gallup or Rasmussen would ask whether we little citizens think the country is full, but no such honesty of inquiry has been forthcoming.

Australians think their country has enough people, and therefore the policy that allows the […]

California DREAM Act Moves Forward (Backward for Taxpayers)

Perhaps it’s the late spring proliferation of graduation ceremonies, but the media seems extra full of sob stories about illegal alien students, carefully crafted to sentimentalize the foreign kids and ignore the young citizens bumped from college slots.

We read about sympathetic youngsters who are characterized as courageously “coming out of the shadows” although zero DREAM […]