Geert Wilders Visits New York City with New Book

Dutch politician Geert Wilders was in New York City Monday on the occasion of the release of his new book Marked for Death.

The title refers to how Muslim jihadists regard him — as a target. Wilders got that distinction by warning Europe about the threat hostile Islam poses to all the rights we hold dear, […]

Dearbornistan: Anti-Honor Killing Conference a Great Success

Congrats to Pamela Geller and everyone involved with taking human rights to the heart of Islam in America. Dearborn is one of the big Muslim immigrant communities in the US, and it was also the home of Jessica Mokdad who appears to have been murdered in an honor killing.

Canadian broadcaster Michael Coren was a speaker […]

Hondurans Haven’t Heard That Nobody’s Going to the US Anymore

I’ve been saying for years that Mexico is a rich nation, consistently ranking around #14 in world GDP. Mexican government elites pretend the country is poor so they can economically cleanse their society of uneducated poor people, who are often indian or mestizo. Washington believes the BS and therefore bestows all kinds of taxpayer-funded goodies […]

Hispanic Scholastic Success Is Questionable

The article linked below has the usual dreary statistics about the failure of hispanics to graduate from high school, a basic measure of educational assimilation. The report being reviewed is specific to Arizona, but there’s no reason to think the cultural norm of disinterest in school among hispanic kids isn’t pretty universal.

After all, about half […]

Massachusetts Citizens Argue Unfairness of Illegals in Subsidized Housing

Massachusetts is among the most liberal of blue states, but that attitude may be changing at least in the immigration sub-topic due to the worsening assaults of illegal aliens on the taxpayer dollar during a painful recession.

A 2010 Rasmussen survey showed Bay Staters’ strong disapproval of goodies for lawbreaking foreign moochers: 70 Percent of voters […]

MS-13 Gang Is Reported on TV Doc

If a government wanted to create a fertile field where criminal gangs could flourish, then promoting massive legal and illegal immigration of diverse groups would be just the ticket. Young immigrants and the US-born children desire the sense of belonging and physical protection that gang membership provides in a strange land.

The Biography Channel recently showed […]

Germany: Nest of Hostile Muslims Is Noticed

Thilo Sarrazin stirred up a hornet’s nest in Germany when he warned of Muslim immigration in a book (Deutschland Shafft Sich Ab — Germany Does Away with Itself) that quickly became a huge national best-seller.

Oh no, said the diversity enthusiasts, the Muslims of Germany are only four million, just five percent of the population. And […]

Buffalo: Somali Refugee Beats Stepson to Death

This crime is particularly disturbing since the 10-year-old victim had called the police on at least two occasions asking to be protected from his violent stepfather, Somali refugee Ali Mohamad Mohamud.

You have to wonder whether police were too politically correct to intervene in a Somali family matter. When diversity is in play, authorities are sometimes […]

‪Rumors of War III: Target U.S.‬

A new documentary from GBTV warns of infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hezbollah into the United States.

Philadelphia: Burqa Bandit Remains at Large

In Philadelphia, burqa diversity is behind a crime wave including five bank robberies and one murder. The all-covering Muslim sack is a very effective criminal disguise because it covers everything, as shown by the surveillance snapshot below.

Unsurprisingly, NPR’s coverage focuses on the hurt feelings and inconvenience of Muslims. There is not a peep of detail […]

Congressman Ted Poe: Send Convicted Foreign Criminals Home

Some countries in the international community refuse to accept their citizens after they have committed crimes in the US and Washington tries to deport them. That list includes but isn’t limited to Cuba, China, India, Jamaica, Pakistan, Somalia, Iran, Trinidad and Tobago, and Bangladesh.

The brutal murder of five in San Francisco brought this subject up […]

Supremes Sound Friendly to Arizona's Immigration Enforcement Law

Even liberal news outlets observed that Wednesday’s oral arguments over parts of Arizona’s SB 1070 law did not favor the Obama position of attacking states’ immigration enforcement.

The Washington Post headline was Arizona immigration law: Supreme Court seems receptive to parts of crackdown. The New York Times‘ banner was Justices Seem Sympathetic to Central Part […]

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