Escondido Refutes ACLU Accusations of Ripping Off Illegals

In Mexifornia these days, society is so upside down that a city has to make excuses for protecting the public from dangerous unlicensed drivers who are usually illegal aliens.

A 2008 study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that unlicensed drivers are involved in one in five fatal crashes, but the ACLU is more […]

Mexico: Eight Arrested for Ritual Sacrifice Murders

Silly Americans who imagine that Mexico being the #1 contributor of “immigrants” is fine because of the culture’s alleged family and religious values will probably ignore the recent satanic murders.

In fact, Mexico has a strong liking for the dark side particularly as expressed in crime, from the admiration of narco-corridos music celebrating drug criminals to the […]

France: Police Arrest 19 Suspected Jihadists

The Islam-inspired killer of seven in Toulouse France, Mohamed Merah, was initially characterized as self-radicalized. Now it seems possible that he may have had associates, and the arrest of 19 suspected Islamic terrorists in Toulouse and other French cities is an indication.

President Sarkozy promised that the police crackdown would continue.

Interestingly, the New York Times popped […]

Los Angeles Schools: New Free Food Program Introduced

In the diverse city of Los Angeles, a free breakfast program is being launched for 267 of the school district’s poorest schools. The idea of government being the refrigerator of first resort has found great favor in Mexifornia, and the trend is growing as the economy remains tanked (with a double-digit state unemployment rate continuing since […]

Holidays on ICE: Committee Examines Deluxe Detention for Deportables

Since the Obama administration failed to reward its illegal alien base with a mega-million amnesty, it has increased its general coddling of foreign lawbreakers, which it hopes to transform into loyal Democrats someday soon.

Unlike Obama’s administrative amnesty activity which is not directly observable, the new deluxe detention centers are easily photographed and look nicer than […]

Muslim Bar Owners in Austin Arrested for Drug Smuggling and Funding Hezbollah

Wow, Austin sure has changed since I left the place. Islamic terrorists were missing from the diversity mix then, which was limited to blacks and hispanics.

Now the Hezbo Islamists, a major terrorist group, have their agents in the Texas capital city trafficking drugs from Mexico to fund jihadist actions around the world.

Congressman Peter King held […]

Rep. Ted Poe Notes San Francisco Massacre by Non-Deported Foreign Felon

On Monday I wrote about the Vietnamese butcher of five whose brutal crime was entirely preventable: Accused San Francisco Mass Murderer Was Not Deported to Vietnam. The case has not gotten much if any national attention, so it was reassuring to see law and sovereignty defender Congressman Ted Poe speak out on the issue:

Rep. Poe […]

Obama’s Illegal Alien Uncle Goes to Court, Gets Non-Punishment for Drunk Driving

Obama’s illegal alien Uncle Onyango appeared in court on Tuesday and got the expected non-penalty non-deportation that lawbreaking relatives of the President have come to regard as their due. (Illegal alien Aunt Zeituni lives comfortably as a welfare case in Boston, where she has complained about the quality of her free accommodations and demanded citizenship.)

The […]

Irish-Pandering Visa Legislation Noted on CNN

On Friday I blogged about Washington efforts to create a special worker visa during a time of terrible joblessness for American citizens: Senator Scott Brown Promotes More Irish Immigration.

Below is recent video of Roy Beck of NumbersUSA speaking about the same topic on CNN, no less. He did a good job of making the point […]

Accused San Francisco Mass Murderer Was Not Deported to Vietnam

San Francisco has been roiled for the last couple days by a particularly troubling mass murder of five who were hard to identify because of the physical savagery of the killings.

On Monday we learned the identities of the victims, all Chinese names, and the accused killer, Binh Thai Luc of Vietnam (pictured below), was arrested. […]

French Police Thwart Honor of Muslim Mass Murderer Merah in Toulouse

Why are Muslims so clueless? Even when they aren’t blowing stuff up, they can be crude beyond belief with their made-up posture of victimhood. One recent example was the gaggle of burqafied women in France who wanted to deposit flowers at the childhood home of jihadist mass murderer Mohamed Merah in an “attempt to restore […]

Arkansas Bishop Reports Hispanic Catholic Incursion in Bible Belt

Bishop Anthony B. Taylor recently met with Pope Benedict in the Vatican, and the subject of immigration of questionable legality appeared to be high on the agenda.

The Arkansas Bishop sounded quite upbeat about hispanic Catholics filling southern pews, after his years of suffering with the preponderance of English-speaking Protestants who have been the major population […]

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