Islam in Britain Update from Coren and Spencer

In the video below, Canadian journalist Michael Coren interviews creator Robert Spencer on the subject of hostile Muslim diversity in Britain. White Britons recently reacted in anger to a court case of middle-aged Muslim men grooming teenaged British girls for prostitution. Robert Spencer commented on Muslims’ belief that sex slavery is “perfectly permissible” under […]

Mexifornia: One-Bill Gil Is Ba-a-a-a-ck for Illegal Alien Driver's Licenses

You had to know this was coming: Mexico City’s favorite California legislator, Gil Cedillo, the Energizer Bunny of obtaining goodies for his illegal alien ethnic brothers, has popped up with familiar legislation to permit illegal aliens to obtain state driver’s licenses, which are also legal identification.

Cedillo plopped his DL bill into the hopper last Friday, […]

California GOP Convention Fears Robust Sovereignty Message

It’s sad to see California Republicans running from an issue that could still be a winner for them, even with increasingly Mexicanized demographics.

The state GOP met last weekend and the suits apparently tried to downplay the issue of immigration enforcement because they want to “reach out” to diverse tribes.

Mario Rodriguez, former vice chairman of the […]