Identity-Theft Ghoul Finishes Oregon Prison Sentence

Bulgarian Doitchin Krastev (pictured right) is completing his two-year sentence for stealing the identity of murdered boy Jason Robert Evers (left) and using his name and Social Security number for 15 years.

As an illegal alien who entered lawfully with a student visa, Krastev needed a legal ID when he dropped out of college and lost his […]

Anti-Jihad Documentary Is Shown to NYPD, which Alarms NYTimes

The New York Times is shocked and appalled that around 1500 of the city’s police have been shown “The Third Jihad,” a documentary produced by Zuhdi Jasser about the threat posed by the murderous ideology of Islam.

More generally, the Times is unhappy with the NYPD for its surveillance activities in mosques and Muslim neighborhoods required […]