Ezra Levant Condemns Multicultural Media Framing of Honor Killing Verdict

Canada’s Sun TV continues to provide top-notch reporting and commentary on the recent trial of the quadruple honor killing in the Shafia family of Afghan immigrants.

In the video below, Ezra Levant rips the PC narrative created by Canadian mainstream media and points out the different standards of justice for Muslim women who are murdered by […]

Canadian Journalist Michael Coren Explains Honor Killing

The interview below is the most honesty about Islam I can recall seeing on Fox News. Sun TV host Michael Coren appeared on Monday to comment on the guilty verdict in the honor killing trial of an Afghan father, wife and son who murdered three daughters and a polygamous wife #2 for becoming too westernized.

Coren […]

Hispandering Newt States His Support for English Carefully

Candidate Newt Gingrich certainly knows his target audience of hispanics, in particular that immigrants come for the Yankee dollar only, not to become assimilated Americans as earlier generations did.

As an example, Pew researchers found that among young second-generation hispanics, 62 percent identified themselves according to their ancestral home country or as hispanic/latino, not as Americans. […]

San Francisco Archbishop Campaigns against Public Safety

On Saturday, Archbishop George Niederauer and a gaggle of open-borders enthusiasts (including gay Assemblyman Tom Ammiano) held a big confab at a San Francisco cathedral to complain about government deportation of criminal aliens. (Watch a local television news story here.)

Several reports of the event use the word “dragnet” which implies mass round-ups, e.g. California’s Catholic […]

Military Diversity: Today's Bad Example

Candidate Gingrich thinks it would be a swell idea to have the DREAM Act cover only illegal aliens who sign up for the military, not persons who attend college. It would be the sort of “earned citizenship” program that politicians of both parties like way too much.

However, not all the diverse recruits are friendlies.

Consider a […]

Romney Supports Puerto Rican Statehood

Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich both spoke at the Hispanic Leadership Network in Miami on Friday morning. Puerto Rican statehood was an important issue to some in the audience and it was brought for the speakers to opine.

Gingrich favored Puerto Rican statehood when he was Speaker as part of his blossoming hispander self, and that […]

School Indoctrination Starts Early

Former Senator Rick Santorum observed the other day that universities are indoctrination factories of liberalism. That’s hardly news, but discussing the obvious is becoming more necessary in these conflicted times.

Rick Santorum: Left uses college for “indoctrination”, CBS, January 25, 2012

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum said Wednesday that “the left” uses universities to indoctrinate young people […]

CAIR Muslims Demand Resignation of NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly

Hostile Muslims residing in New York are in a snit over a story in the New York Times about the showing of an informational film about Islamic jihad to members of the Police Department. (See Anti-Jihad Documentary Is Shown to NYPD, which Alarms NYTimes.)

The Muslims want the resignation of Police Commissioner Ray Kelly who appeared for […]

Gingrich Appears on America-Unfriendly Univision

Hispandering Newt was on full display during his Wednesday interview with hard-core invasion booster Jorge Ramos on Spanish-language Univision TV. (Ramos gleefully forecast a majority-hispanic United States a few years back.)

Gingrich criticized Mitt Romney’s strategy of promoting self-deportation by removing the magnet of American jobs — something that has worked very well where it has […]

Identity-Theft Ghoul Finishes Oregon Prison Sentence

Bulgarian Doitchin Krastev (pictured right) is completing his two-year sentence for stealing the identity of murdered boy Jason Robert Evers (left) and using his name and Social Security number for 15 years.

As an illegal alien who entered lawfully with a student visa, Krastev needed a legal ID when he dropped out of college and lost his […]

Anti-Jihad Documentary Is Shown to NYPD, which Alarms NYTimes

The New York Times is shocked and appalled that around 1500 of the city’s police have been shown “The Third Jihad,” a documentary produced by Zuhdi Jasser about the threat posed by the murderous ideology of Islam.

More generally, the Times is unhappy with the NYPD for its surveillance activities in mosques and Muslim neighborhoods required […]

Sheriff Babeu Disapproves of How Obama Has Treated Arizona

Our governance would certainly be improved if more police officers would run for public office — along with teachers, carpenters, doctors, scientists and soldiers. Around 45 percent of the members of Congress are lawyers, and a greater variety of backgrounds would serve the nation well.

Police in particular have a job experience that informs them about […]

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