Rasmussen Poll: 69 Percent of Voters Approve Photo ID

A recent survey shows the voting public to be strongly in favor of photo identification at the polling place.

In doing so, citizens agree with the Supreme Court, which determined in 2008 that photo ID is not an undue burden to participate in American elections (High court upholds Indiana’s voter ID law, CNN, April 28, 2008).

The […]

Wrigley Field Terrorist Hassoun Gets Plea Deal (and the Public Misses Jihad Story)

It was announced this week in Chicago that a plea deal has been worked out between prosecutors and would-be terror bomber Sami Samir Hassoun (pictured), a Lebanese citizen. He had deposited a backpack containing a bomb (he thought) near Wrigley Field during a Dave Matthews concert in 2010, hoping to murder hundreds (Plea deal in […]