Pakistanis Show Their Anger at America

Over in Pakistan, the Allah-bots are marching to declare their hatred of the United States.

“Peace with Jihad” reads one sign in the Lahore rally (shown below in the video). We know what that means — submission for infidels under Islamic sharia law. Muslims are all for peace, as long as it is according to their […]

Alabama Immigration Enforcement Liberates Jobs for Citizens

Early results are in, and Alabama’s tough immigration enforcement law is having the desired effect — more jobs for citizens. One county reported 600 jobs liberated that were illegally occupied six months ago. That’s a start on freeing up the 7-8 million jobs still held by illegal aliens in Obama-run America.

It’s common sense that both […]

GOP Leadership Frets over Romney Immigration Position

The Washington Post reports that some important suits in the Republican Party are getting antsy about Mitt Romney’s message of immigration enforcement. And even though the WP presents a rather extreme liberal worldview, and has no dissenting views (like what the citizens want), we already know that the growth of hispanic demography is a […]