Obama Hampers Lawful Deportations Still Further

President Obama has just announced that his New Year’s resolution is to bypass Congress as much as possible by using executive orders. So we little citizens will likely see an increase of actions from the White House that shred sovereignty and endanger Americans.

Below, 2012 Obama voters. (He hopes.)

White House sets new obstacle to immigration enforcement, […]

Muslims Protest New York Counterterrorism

The media covered the Muslim snub of Mayor Bloomberg’s interfaith breakfast as a minor disagreement on law enforcement procedures. CBS had a typical headline: Some Muslim Leaders Boycott Bloomberg’s Interfaith Breakfast.

The Muslims’ complaint was about the NYPD’s surveillance of suspicious persons of the Islamic religion. Clearly they hoped to intimidate Bloomberg into letting hostile Muslims run […]

Cook County Releases Dangerous Alien

On Thursday, Fox reported an egregious immigration case in which Cook County released Salvator Sarabia (pictured), a violent burglar and convicted child sex predator who had been previously deported. Instead of holding him in jail to be picked up by ICE for deportation, the authorities released him into the community on bail, despite the obvious […]

Obama Opens New Hotline for Aliens

How low will he go? It’s still eleven months until the election but Obama is escalating his hispandering by opening up a hotline for those facing deportation or experiencing some other difficulty in America.

Obama has enacted a administrative amnesty, protected alien workers and decreased deportations (admitting his own high deport numbers were “deceptive”). But these […]

Ann Coulter Recommends a Candidate Based on Immigration and Obamacare

Ann Coulter observes that America is being irrevocably changed by immigration, and it must be stopped very soon.

She thinks Obamacare is just as bad, and makes a decent case. Perhaps, but toxic levels of immigration, particularly Mexicanization (not so much diversity) poisons major aspects of American society, not just the economy.

Only One Candidate Is Right […]

Rep. Peter King Smacks Media for Stirring Up Fake Islamophobia

A few days ago, a disturbed Muslim woman, Jameela Barnette, was shot dead when she attacked a police officer. She had gotten into trouble earlier for threatening Rep. Peter King because of the hearings he presented on the subject of radical Islam and its dangers to American national security.

In the video below, Congressman King chided […]

California Reports the Most Hate Crimes

According to the tireless purveyor of diversity propaganda, the San Francisco Chronicle, California has the dubious distinction of having the nation’s highest number of so-called hate crimes, although the reporter does not specify whether the numbers are tabulated per capita. As the most populated state, the high number of crimes committed could just reflect more […]

Muslim Mass Murder Syndrome in Texas (with Santa Embellishment)

One of the most awful Christmas crimes in recent years was the massacre of six family members shot down in the midst of opening presents by a gunman wearing a Santa Claus outfit. It has taken a couple days for the identities and possible motivation to take shape.

The shooter was an Iranian Muslim immigrant, Aziz […]

California 2012 New Law Rollout

In a few days it will be 2012, and that means many new laws will go into effect.

Egregious nanny state California has instituted a slew of behavior enforcement laws to stomp out things liberals don’t like. Effective cough syrup corrupting the kiddies and beer confused with caffeine are banished from the shelves of commerce. (Don’t […]

California: End of Impounds for Unlicensed Drivers Looms over 2012

We little citizens are supposed to celebrate New Year’s Day, but in backwards Mexifornia, that’s the date when the bad new laws go into effect. So the holiday also has a strong batten-down-the-hatches aspect.

One of the worst concoctions from Sacramento this year is the law that prohibits the impounding of cars driven by unlicensed drivers. […]

Nigeria: Muslims Bomb Christmas Service

Hostile Muslims can be efficient fellows when they plot to mass-murder Christians and other non-Islamics. The Sons of Allah use the Christian calendar to plot their massacres and increase the body count. For example, Egyptian Muslims bombed a Coptic church last New Year’s Eve, killing 21.

Nigeria has a history of religious violence since it is […]

Levant & Steyn: War on Christmas

Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn share thoughts on the War on Christmas. (Steyn has been known to warble a carol occasionally and has published Christmas albums in addition to his recent book on civilizational doom.)

They both fondly remember Irving Berlin, a Jewish immigrant of an earlier time who expressed his love of America by writing […]

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