Rep. Bilbray Rejects Amnesty Chatter

While the increased discussion of immigration in the media is welcome, much of it is of low quality, even among persons who call themselves conservatives, a group which is supposed to respect law and sovereignty.

Congressman Brian Bilbray is not one of those spouting nonsense soundbites. In a recent appearance on CNN, the Chair of the […]

California: More Moving Out Than In

The Los Angeles Times is too kind to the post-Golden State when it says the reason most leavers are fleeing is the high cost of housing. It underplays the stubborn unemployment which has hovered around 12 percent during the current recession. (See the Sacramento Bee’s interactive map.)

The joblessness is worsened by a bad business climate […]

Mexico: Majority of Women Experience Gender Violence

In all the stress about the border, Americans sometimes forget how backward Mexican society is, particularly in terms of its aversion to education and fondness for crime.

Another area of retro is Mexico’s wretched treatment of women. A few years ago, Mexico City instituted a fleet of women-only buses because Mexican men’s public abuse of women […]

Advertisers Retreat from Muslim TV Whitewash

Good news is hard to come by these days in the twisted world of diversity, but the following story is a genuine smile-maker. Advertisers have been pulling out of the obnoxious Islam propaganda show “All-American Muslim” which is broadcast on The Learning Channel (TLC) as a result of objections from viewers. (See my earlier remarks […]

Romney Mailer Promotes Enforcement

Apparently candidate Romney has figured out that the American people want immigration to be legal and controlled, with no rewards for lawbreaking. (It’s disappointing that other major Republicans like Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry are clearly riding the hispander amnesty train.)

A recent mailer from Romney’s Iowa campaign has a more acceptable message, one of workplace […]

Even Refugee Do-Gooders Get the Blues

The New York Times reports that a stalwart refugee welcomer, the mayor of Manchester NH, is getting tuckered out with the flood of newbies with the gimmes. After taking in more than 2100 Somali, Sudanese and other diverse refugees into the city (pop. 109,000) in the last decade, Mayor Ted Gatsas wants to call a […]

Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn Hope for Improved Free Speech in Canada

In the video below, broadcaster Ezra Levant and author Mark Steyn discussed the possibility that Canada might reform its “hate speech” laws that make criticism of Islam illegal. Steyn was put on trial for thought crimes, aka “flagrant Islamophobia,” in Canada a few years ago, and Levant similarly felt the wrath of the censors for […]

Newt’s Well Deserved Bashing Continues

It’s reassuring that Newt Gingrich’s step into the cowpie of “humane” immigration in the recent debate has caused a firestorm with legs. (A Google News search two days after the debate in question for Gingrich Immigration got 2260 hits.)

He may have thought he was making a clever move into a general-election-style campaign, but he has […]

Illegal Alien Child Killer Sentenced in Albuquerque

On Halloween night 2005, illegal alien Israel Diaz climbed through the bedroom window of 11-year-old Victoria Sandoval (pictured) in Albuquerque, then raped and murdered her. Her body was found the following morning by her grandmother.

Diaz was sentenced Tuesday to 59 years in prison.

It’s been a particularly hard road to justice for the family. A mentally […]

GAO Report: Illegal Aliens Cause Some Border Fires

Last June, Senator McCain was surprised at criticism he received from his pals in La Raza for observing the cause of some Arizona wildfires. See Senator McCain Notes Illegal Alien Arsonists for more.

Now the General Accounting Office (GAO) has issued a report which vindicates McCain’s remarks. The study is available online: Federal Agencies Could Better […]

Nairobi’s Little Mogadishu Creates Unease among Kenyans

Over in the east-African nation of Kenya, the local folks are not exactly celebrating diversity with the influx of Somali immigrants. The capital city of Nairobi has its own “Little Mogadishu” neighborhood (just like Minneapolis!).

One reason for Kenyan suspicion of Somalis is the fear of the Islamist group al Shabaab (pictured) which busies itself in […]

Australian Terror Plotter Featured

Australia is apparently just as goofy as every other somnambulant western society that allows enemies to plot the murder of infidels within its own borders. Plus, the turbaned jihadist in the video below received over a million dollars in welfare from the unwilling Australian taxpayer, even though he was an illegal alien.

The first mistake was […]

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