Major ICE Drug Bust Spotlights Illegal Aliens with Backpacks

Illegal aliens toting backpacks filled with drugs over a porous border are a basic component of cartels’ operations that make billions of dollars annually. ICE made a big bust on Thursday, and reports from phone taps revealed how an open border serves the Sinaloa cartel very well.

“Illegal immigrants carried the drugs over the border in […]

Latest Minnesota Suicide Bomber in Somalia Is Identified

In Somalia, another young man who was raised in the United States has blown up himself and several others, 10 in this case.

Americans learned in a July hearing that more than 40 Somalis residing in the United States returned to their homeland to pursue jihad.

I’ve reported on Shirwa Ahmed, another suicide bomber (killing 30) who […]

Turks and Kurds Battle in Paris

When a nation welcomes millions of immigrants from a hugely alien, historically hostile culture who stubbornly resist assimilation, bad things happen.

One recent example was Sunday’s pitched battle on the streets of Paris between hundreds of Turks and Kurds, in which one person reportedly died and a dozen were injured. Riot police had to use tear […]