Rep. Gallegly Notes Feds Distributing Billions of Dollars to Illegals

It’s not news that illegal aliens receive billions of dollars annually in tax refunds even though they pay no income tax, although when the Chairman of the House Immigration Subcommittee mentions that fact during a contentious hearing, it might be thought newsworthy. You can watch the 3-hour hearing on C-SPAN as I did and see […]

Nun-Killing Drunk-Driving Illegal Alien to Face a Judge

Usually the government prefers a plea deal to a trial in controversial cases where illegal alien criminals are involved. The details often reveal authorities’ continuing malfeasance and unwillingness to protect the public from truly dangerous foreigners.

For example, we learned during the trial of murderer Dennis Herrera that victim Mary Nagle incurred terrible injuries as she […]

Larger Islamist Threat Overlooked following US Smackdowns of al Qaeda

From one viewpoint, the American efforts against certain jihadist enemies has been going great: several top bad guys like Osama and al Awlaki have been dispatched to Allah by our excellent armed forces. Those are big wins and we like it when enemies go away. But there are other brands of evil Islam in the […]