Major ICE Drug Bust Spotlights Illegal Aliens with Backpacks

Illegal aliens toting backpacks filled with drugs over a porous border are a basic component of cartels’ operations that make billions of dollars annually. ICE made a big bust on Thursday, and reports from phone taps revealed how an open border serves the Sinaloa cartel very well.

“Illegal immigrants carried the drugs over the border in […]

Latest Minnesota Suicide Bomber in Somalia Is Identified

In Somalia, another young man who was raised in the United States has blown up himself and several others, 10 in this case.

Americans learned in a July hearing that more than 40 Somalis residing in the United States returned to their homeland to pursue jihad.

I’ve reported on Shirwa Ahmed, another suicide bomber (killing 30) who […]

Turks and Kurds Battle in Paris

When a nation welcomes millions of immigrants from a hugely alien, historically hostile culture who stubbornly resist assimilation, bad things happen.

One recent example was Sunday’s pitched battle on the streets of Paris between hundreds of Turks and Kurds, in which one person reportedly died and a dozen were injured. Riot police had to use tear […]

Muslim Brotherhood Is Busy Working for Worldwide Sharia

Hostile Muslims who support the ideology of planetary jihad must be feeling pretty good these days. A couple of their top guys (Osama & al Awalaki) got whacked, it’s true, but the whole “Arab Spring” charade is going quite well from the pro-caliphate position. A few reformers in Tunisia got the ball rolling and then […]

Rep. Gallegly Notes Feds Distributing Billions of Dollars to Illegals

It’s not news that illegal aliens receive billions of dollars annually in tax refunds even though they pay no income tax, although when the Chairman of the House Immigration Subcommittee mentions that fact during a contentious hearing, it might be thought newsworthy. You can watch the 3-hour hearing on C-SPAN as I did and see […]

Nun-Killing Drunk-Driving Illegal Alien to Face a Judge

Usually the government prefers a plea deal to a trial in controversial cases where illegal alien criminals are involved. The details often reveal authorities’ continuing malfeasance and unwillingness to protect the public from truly dangerous foreigners.

For example, we learned during the trial of murderer Dennis Herrera that victim Mary Nagle incurred terrible injuries as she […]

Larger Islamist Threat Overlooked following US Smackdowns of al Qaeda

From one viewpoint, the American efforts against certain jihadist enemies has been going great: several top bad guys like Osama and al Awlaki have been dispatched to Allah by our excellent armed forces. Those are big wins and we like it when enemies go away. But there are other brands of evil Islam in the […]

Buy-a-Visa Program Sputters under Scrutiny

When the Obama administration and various Democrats aren’t pushing steroidal Keynesian strategies of borrow-and-spend trillions of dollars, they are thinking up schemes for short-term and/or imaginary gain for the nation’s economy.

The Gimmick Government’s latest lightbulb is to hand out visas to foreigners who purchase houses costing over $500K. The proposal is like the Diversity Visa […]

Rep. Rob Bishop's Legislation Seeks to Free Border Patrol on Public Lands

America’s public lands on or near the southern border have been given over to illegal aliens and Mexican organized crime because of invader-friendly environmental rules let the bad guys control large areas in Arizona.

Rep. Rob Bishop, a friend of both the parks and national security, wants to allow Border Patrol agents to act on public […]

Chinese Voter Fraud Revealed in San Francisco

In San Francisco, diverse Chinese voting practices — perpetrated by supporters of current Mayor Ed Lee — have come under scrutiny. (Love those digital cameras and Youtube.)

The Lee partisans are seen to “help” elderly Chinese by placing a stencil over the absentee ballot which allows the pencil to mark Mayor Lee’s name only.

Of course, […]

NPR Tries to Normalize a Bilingual (aka Spanish-speaking) America

National Public Radio remains one of the top liberal propagandists for open borders and a Mexicanized diversity in America. While the elite New York Times reached around 1.3 million readers for its Sunday edition as of a year ago, NPR’s top shows have a listenership of up to 13 million weekly. NPR is very influential […]

California: Nearly Six Million Live in Poverty

A recent Census report (Poverty: 2009 and 2010) found that the Golden State had nearly six million persons in poverty, an extraordinary number for a place that was thought not long ago to be inexhaustibly wealthy.

Still, California is only in the mid-range of states for poverty when considering percentages. Mississippi ranks at the top of […]

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