Milford Mass. Sees Community Anger at Preventable Death

A sizable crowd showed up on Wednesday to protest the brutal death of Matthew Denice after he was dragged under a truck for a quarter mile following being struck by a drunk-driving illegal alien. The accused, Ecuadoran Nikolas Guaman, had several prior arrests, including assaulting a policeman. (See LTG’s earlier report, Family Protests Immigration Anarchy that Killed Matthew Denice.)

Below, the family of Matthew Denice and supporters filled a hall in Milford to protest the non-enforcement of immigration laws.

Rain did not deter an estimated 200 concerned citizens who rallied to demand better law enforcement from the state of Massachusetts, which is known for its extreme version of sanctuary to coddle lawbreaking illegal aliens. Governor Deval Patrick has made a point of rejecting the federal Secure Communities program that focuses on criminal aliens already in local custody.

Family and friends organized the event through their Justice for Matt Facebook page.

Family of Milford man call on governor to enact Secure Communities:

Family of Milford man call on governor to enact Secure Communities, Fox News Boston, September 7, 2011

MILFORD (FOX 25 / – The family of a Milford man who was killed after he was struck by an alleged drunk driver and illegal immigrant want to sit down with Gov. Deval Patrick to discuss a program they say could have saved their son’s life.

The program is Secure Communities, the controversial program meant to target dangerous illegal immigrants by sharing fingerprints of people arrested by police with immigration officials.

At a peaceful protest outside Milford Town Hall, 23-year-old Matthew Denice’s family along with a crowd of about 150 people met inside town hall with town officials and representatives from the Ecuadorian Consulate, who expressed condolences to Denice’s family.

Denice was killed last month allegedly by 34-year-old Nicolas Guaman, who was allegedly driving drunk and without a license when police believe he struck and dragged the Denice to his death.

“We had the perfect storm here with this situation. I mean, if one of those factors had been different my son would still be here,” said Maureen Maloney, Denice’s mother. “If we had the secure communities act this person would’ve been deported. It probably could’ve saved my son’s life.”

A woman who also attended said she too lost a loved one to an illegal immigrant who also was driving drunk and was later deported.

Representatives from the consulate answered some questions, but ultimately said there’s no easy solution. Pablo Calle said, “We see the pain in their faces. We see what they want. We see they don’t want any immigrants coming to the country but that is something not this country not Ecuador, not anybody can fix. The answer is not in our hands.”

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