Mexifornia Update: Democrat DREAMers Are Schemers

In the Fox news report below, California Assembly Member Tim Donnelly remarks that the UC system has been cut by $500 million, the State University system has lost the same amount and tuition has been raised 12 percent.

And yet. . . Sacramento Democrats managed to find $40 million to give to illegal alien college students […]

Europe Faces Illegal Alien Tide as Gaddafi Revenge

Europe may face boatloads of rustic African males with the idea that they are entitled to a cushy modern lifestyle just because they reach the continent, Camp of the Saints style. The man of a dozen spellings, Col. Moammar, may be indisposed at the moment, but he has strategized to dump thousands of unfriendlies on […]

Geert Wilders Praises Patriotism and the Nation State

The European Union superstate has illustrated the failure of government that is too big and too distant from the people it is supposed to represent. Problems began to be seen when referendums to approve the EU constitution went down to defeat in the Netherlands and France in 2005 — although the bureaucrats in Brussels have […]