Obama Admits His Deportation Numbers Are “Deceptive”

Some truth slipped out the other day when the President held a Q&A session in the White House for hispanic journalists.

Obama used that chat session to admit that his administration’s supposedly high numbers of deportations are “deceptive” because the stats count the quickie voluntary repatriations that occur every day on the border. These are the […]

Mexican Corruption Observed on Houston Construction Sites

In Texas’ largest city, construction workers are nearly all hispanics, but not because building is job Americans won’t do. On the contrary, Mexicans have somehow taken over those jobs and keep citizens out while demanding bribes (mordida in Spanish) of their countrymen. A man who wants a job has to pay a bribe just to […]

New Report Warns of National Security Threat from Narco-Mex

Serious national security experts say that the southern border is dangerously insecure, and Washington is in denial about the danger, ignoring Mexican narco-terrorism at America’s peril.

Texas border sheriffs participated in a press conference for the roll-out of a new report, Texas Border Security: A Strategic Military Assessment, written by Barry McCaffrey and Robert Scales who […]

Romney Smacks Perry on Immigration Permissiveness

Mitt Romney is a smart politician who knows an opportunity when one pops up.

Rick Perry’s clumsy defense for taxpayer subsidies of illegal alien college tuition was a complete failure in the Tea Party debate (where he was booed by the audience) and later in last Thursday’s Fox debate when other candidates slammed his laxity. Press […]

Vicente's Valentine to Mexico Friend Rick Perry

Here’s an item of historic interest, a video of Mexican Presidente Vicente Fox thanking his compadre Governor Rick Perry for American taxpayer-subsidized in-state tuition for illegal Mexicans in Texas state universities, dated November 6, 2003:

Another measure of Gov. Perry’s generosity toward non-Americans is that “of jobs created in Texas since 2007, 81 percent were taken […]

Formerly Middle-Class Americans Move into Tents

It’s amazing the suffering that goes on in this miserable economy, and how little attention it gets in the American press. The article posted below about middle-aged, formerly middle class people living in tents in New Jersey with cold weather coming on appeared in a British newspaper.

Even so, Washington continues to admit a million legal […]

English-Speaking Americans Suffer Discrimination for Jobs

Add “bilingual” preference on the part of business to the increasing ways that Americans face unfair treatment in our own nation. More and more, citizens are expected to know the language of the invader while Spanish speakers do not need to speak English.

We already pay for translations of official documents into various languages for the […]

Republicans Debate Immigration in Orlando

It was certainly a pleasure to see a substantial chunk of the Fox News Republican debate devoted to immigration — a far cry from the 2008 election in which the subject was barely mentioned.

The use of interactive technology, including Youtube questions asked by average citizens, livened up the debate format and brought subjects of genuine […]

North African Illegal Aliens Riot on Lampedusa

Lampedusa, the southernmost island outpost of Italy has been overwhelmed for months by thousands of North Africans, who are mostly young males who don’t want to fight for freedom in the celebrated Arab Spring. They are using the chaos to pose as refugees in order to enter Europe and avail themselves of its wealth and […]

Poll: Citizens Support Congress Investigating Islam

When Rep. Peter King held his three investigative hearings about hostile Islam, the squawking from the usual fifth-column suspects was loud and long. As Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, King’s inquiries pursued the threats that diverse Islamic unfriendlies pose for the nation now. But protecting national security didn’t sound like a good reason […]

Germany Counts Up Its Diverse Residents

For the demography-is-unforgiving file. . .

At the end of WWII, Europe thought it would be a good idea to import some Arab temp workers for the big rebuilding project, who would then return to their backward homelands in a few years. But how you gonna keep ’em down on the farm after they’ve seen Paree? […]

Islamic Street Praying Diversity in Paris Is Now Really Truly Illegal; Hostile Muslims Ignore

In France, the government has made the massive blocking of Paris streets every Friday for Muslim prayers unlawful.

Praying in Paris streets outlawed, London Telegraph, September 16, 2011

Praying in the streets of Paris is against the law starting Friday, after the interior minister warned that police will use force if Muslims, and those of any other […]

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