California DREAM Act Passes Senate

In California, illegal alien college students already get in-state tuition, courtesy of the beleaguered taxpayer. But that was not enough. Now they must have even more of the public’s scarce funds, even though the state’s system of universities has been deeply damaged because of budget cuts.

Even so, California Democrats are determined to redistribute the […]

Obama Protects Illegal Workers in America

In today’s terrible jobs depression in which over 14 million Americans are officially unemployed, the Obama administration is cruelly upside down in its priorities. In mid-August, the President opened up work permits for illegal aliens in his administrative amnesty program which will add thousands (millions?) to an already flooded labor pool.

On Monday, the Secretary of […]

Obama Uncle Update: Mysteries Remain about Illegal Alien Kin #2

It’s been a few days since President Obama’s illegal alien uncle was arrested for drunk driving in Massachusetts. Since then, information about the man has been burbling out.

Uncle Omar, aka Onyango Obama, aka the brother of illegal alien welfare moocher Aunt Zeituni, resides in a pleasant-looking house in Framingham, where he was known to host […]

Canada: Michael Coren Launches New Television Show

Michael Coren is a new name to me, but what I’ve seen of him in the past week is quite agreeable. He has a new talk show on the Sun television network in Canada, which also presents Ezra Levant.

BlazingCarFur tubed up the whole debut episode, which is posted below. The guests included Ann Coulter, Mark […]

Muslims Riot against Safety Rules in New York Amusement Park

There was a mid-sized riot in a New York state amusement park Tuesday in which 15 Muslims were arrested. Rye Playland was closed for two hours as the fracas ensued. Two park rangers were injured in the county-run park.

The problem arose when Muslims were informed that “headgear” like hats and scarves was not permitted on […]

Pew Poll Assesses Muslim Satisfaction among American Infidels

Leave it to the Associated Press to readminister its scab-picking habit of portraying Muslims residing in America as poor little victims who suffer Islamophobia at the hands of cruel Americans. That’s the unsubtle message in the AP’s report on a new Pew poll that begins with the assertion that Muslims here endure harassment from the […]

San Francisco: Chinese Tribalism Is Alive and Well

According to the SF Chronicle, the big Asian buzz in Chinatown is how appointed Mayor Ed Lee is not a real Lee. The horror!

The rumor is that his immigrant father bought into the powerful clan when he arrived as a Paper Son. That status arose out of an act of nature that Chinese exploited: when […]

Imam Rauf Critically Evaluated — on Television!

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf — formerly of the Ground Zero mosque scheme — doesn’t want to go away, even though Americans rejected his pitch for a territory-marking Islamic monument near the World Trade Center site. Rauf is routinely promoted by the media as being a “moderate” Muslim, but his assertion that “sharia law is fully […]

California Democrats Plan to Bill Taxpayers for Illegal Aliens’ College Educations

Here in chronically broke California, Sacramento is gearing up to pass taxpayer-funded grants for illegal alien students, so that lawbreaking foreigners can get free educations while citizen young people are pushed aside.

The evil Gil Cedillo broke his Mexifornia version of the ironically named DREAM Act into two parts, hoping to squeeze it through in stages. […]

Obama's Re-election Strategy: Does It Depend on Illegal Alien Voter Fraud?

It didn’t take long for Obama’s executive amnesty for illegal aliens to be followed by a major opinion piece in the New York Times complaining about voters being required to show identification at the polling place. How convenient for illegal aliens who want to vote to Obama!

Timed to coincide with the dedication of the made-in-Red-China […]

Obama Illegal Alien Relative #2 Surfaces

President Obama’s illegal alien uncle, Onyango Obama (pictured), showed up a few days ago when he nearly crashed his SUV into a Framingham police car whilst in a state of inebriation. For his phone call, he wanted to ring up the White House. Oops!

And now, the mug shot has appeared. The internet is so informative.

This […]

Obama Allows Mexican Police to Launch Operations from US

This item is definitely for the “What could possibly go wrong?” file. The idea is crazy and dangerous.

First, it is suspicious that this news was released on a Friday in late August, which makes it look like the Obama administration hopes it will pass unnoticed.

The White House spin is that the extreme violation of sovereignty […]

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