Yet Another DREAM Act Roll Out

Senator Dick Durbin is a junkyard dog for the DREAM Act, and he was part of a press conference on Tuesday where he earnestly sniffled his concern for the foreign (not American) downtrodden.

He makes it sound so noble, saying his legislation would allow the Innocent Children to reach their long-cherished goals that we meanies who […]

Terrorist Travel Is Still Possible

In the nearly 10 years since the 9/11 attacks, with billions of dollars spent to improve safety in air travel, one might hope that a high level of security now exists (although the clownish behavior of TSA patting down children is not reassuring).

Flight safety from jihadists is not in place, according a recent GAO report,┬áCombating […]

DoJ Moves to Restrict Gun Sales

Evidence continues to accumulate that the Obama administration has, at the least, used the carnage engendered by its own ATF program arming Mexican cartels to restrict honest Americans’ right to possess firearms.

Whether the gunrunner scheme to funnel weapons bought in the southwest to Mexican organized crime was meant to create a bloodbath in Mexico, with […]

Omaha Schools Mandate Diversity Ideology in a Big Way

Your tax dollars at work; stimulus sub-category. . .

The Omaha school system ordered up a pile of diversity training books to give to every staff member, from teachers to custodians, at a cost of $130K. (Diversity agitprop doesn’t come cheap.)

The school board apparently believes that teachers must be indoctrinated with diversity ideology (aka cultural proficiency), […]

Indoctrination Success: New York Times Incites Illegal Immigration Appeasement

On the propaganda front, the ridiculous idea that Mexican immigration is nearing zero is catching on. The great fount of liberal disinformation is to blame (see my analysis of the recent NYT article New York Times: Mexican Invasion Is Over.)

Michael Barone has taken the notion to the extreme in a recent opinion piece extolling his […]

First National Spanish Spelling Bee Held

Another signpost in the multicultural poisoning of America is the first national Spanish spelling bee, held Saturday in Albuquerque.

The open-border gang is focused on transforming America into a bilingual nation where Spanish is equal to English, similar to Quebec with French. Their stubborn demands on this issue demonstrate that they are engaged in invasion, not […]

London Warning to Infidels: Sharia Zone Ahead

At this point in history, Britain is the absolute worst example of cowering appeasement in the face of hostile Islamic immigrants. The Muslims correctly recognize the reaction as fear and have busied themselves establishing their own anti-Western society on UK soil. In some cases, immigration is war by other means.

The excellent Gates of Vienna blog […]

Southwest Immigration Enforcement Overlooked by Napolitano

Earlier this week the DHS announced that Secretary Napolitano would present a new plan to deal with southwestern perimeter crime, called the Southwest Border Counternarcotics Strategy.

When Napolitano did make her speech in Nogales, Arizona, only drug smuggling was mentioned, at least as reported by the mainstream media.

Is illegal immigration no longer an acceptable subject for […]

Muslim Son of Immigrants Convicted of Terrorism

Sometimes it happens that youthful rebellion takes a nasty turn, particularly among immigrant kids when their home culture has a ready-made hostile ideology to oppose American authority.

Something like that may have been in the mix of high school drop-out Betim Kuziu (pictured) who decided that jihad was a swell career choice. His plan was to […]

Drunk-Driving Illegal Alien Kills Mother and Daughter in Missouri

Another family has been devastated by a drunk-driving illegal alien. Mother and hospice nurse Diane Bronson and her 11-year-old daughter Anna of Belton, Missouri, were killed on July 4 in a head-on crash. The deadly SUV was driven by 18-year-old Felix Solano Gallardo whose blood alcohol was measured two hours after the wreck at .185, […]

New York Times: Mexican Invasion Is Over

According to the New York Times, illegal immigration from Mexico has “sputtered to a trickle,” so we little citizens needn’t worry our heads about it any more. Yep, life is much improved in dear Mexico (except for the drug war in which 40,000 have been killed); therefore breaking in to the USA just doesn’t have […]

ATF Investigation Aided by Acting Director

A couple weeks ago, the mainstream press reported that the acting head of ATF, Kenneth Melson (pictured), was about to resign, given the worsening Gunrunner scandal in which his agency purposely allowd thousands of guns to be sent to Mexican organized crime in order to track them.

Now it turns out that Melson was not willing […]

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