Moroccan Pleads Guilty to Brutal Beating

In March 2010, a immigrant from Morocco, Mbarek Lafrem (pictured), severely beat a nurse because she wouldn’t dance with him in a Manhattan bar. He followed her into the women’s restroom where he attempted to rape her and fractured her skull, eye socket, nose and jaw and cut her forehead, requiring 50 stitches.

Being a Muslim […]

Chimps with Guns: A Bad Idea

Our intelligent simian friends are not up to the responsibility of firearms, as illustrated below.

Iraqi Refugee Terrorists Prompt Rescreening

This just in: authorities have noticed that Washington’s permissive refugee policy regarding Iraqis has created a national security threat. The rush to rescue meant that do-gooder behavior trumped normal prudence in background checks, and dangerous persons were admitted as a result.

As I noted in Iraqi Refugees Pose a Terror Threat, in 2008 Sixty Minutes created […]