Iraqi Refugees in US Charged with Terrorism

Why does Washington continue to welcome likely enemies in situations with little oversight? It was entirely predictable that welcoming a large number of poorly vetted Iraqi Muslims would endanger national security.

Even the Los Angeles Times, which normally promotes open borders and diversity no matter what, lambastes the government for sloppiness in this case. One of […]

Grand Rapids Is Not in Decline (the Musical)

I’ve never been a big fan of the song American Pie (with its nonsensical lyrics), but it provides the soundtrack for an exuberant celebration of Grand Rapids by 3000 loyal residents, after the city was dissed by Newsweek magazine.

Guitars abound! Plus American flags, gymnasts, firemen, kayaks and a marching band.

The Daily Mail provides more details:

Fireworks, […]

Sesame Street Outed as Leftist Indoctrination

There’s no question that the liberals at PBS crank out pro-diversity propaganda like Energizer bunnies swilling cappuccinos, such as the recent puff piece “Welcome to Shelbyville” promoting misogynous hostile Somalis as fine immigrant material.

Sesame Street is a major brainwashing arm to influence the kiddies, pushing hard on issues that can be framed for impressionable young […]

How US Weapons Reach Mexican Organized Crime

Of the US-produced firearms reaching Mexican cartels, very few come from the local gun stores we have in this country. Those which can be identified as coming from the USA often have been funneled through third-world armies, then stolen and sold.

Fox reporter William La Jeunesse has been following the myth that cartels get most of […]

Germany: Book Critical of Immigration Costs

Udo Ulfkotte (see his homepage) is a German journalist and critic of Islam. He published a new book last year Kein Schwarz. Kein Rot. Kein Gold., which he discussed with the press in the videos below, emphasizing the cost of the “integration-resistant immigrant” to the taxpayer, along with the cultural chasm created by the beliefs […]

Kevin Will: Houston Officer Killed by Drunk-Driving Illegal Alien

Being a cop is dangerous enough, but trying to enforce the law in a sanctuary city, where foreign criminals are protected like semiprecious endangered species, can be life-ending. That was the tragic and preventable fate of Kevin Will, who was struck down by a drunk-driving alien as the officer was sorting out a motorcycle accident […]

Calderon Pretends to Protect Illegal Aliens in Mexico

Mexico’s Presidente Calderon never misses an opportunity to backstab the United States in the ongoing aggression by our non-friend to the south.

The latest effort is Mexico’s new law supposedly to protect OTMs as they pass through to the United States. There has been a lot of bad press over massacres like the Zeta gang mass […]

Diverse Non-Assimilation in New York City

So how’s that immigrant assimilation project moving along?

In some diversity-engulfed areas, like New York City (foreign-born population around 36 percent), progress is moving backwards, as illustrated by Mexican indians who attend classes to learn Spanish. The espanol Mexicans insult the Mixteco speakers etc., so they choose to study Spanish rather than English, which would open […]

California Assembly Votes against Public Safety

There’s no limit to the lengths liberals will go to protect lawbreaking foreigners and betray citizens, particularly in the capital of Mexifornia.

The latest assault on sovereignty and public safety comes from the leftist San Francisco Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, He recently succeeded in getting a bill passed that would permit state counties to “opt out” […]

Oslo Police: Nearly All Rapes Are Committed by Non-Western Men

In Norway, multicultural Muslim immigration has not been working out so well for local women, if public safety is considered an important measure. According to a recent police report, men with “non-western background” (aka Muslim immigrants) are the huge majority of those committing sexual assault in the capital city.

The crime wave is another example of […]

Supreme Court Upholds Arizona Workplace Identification

It’s great news that that the Supremes have agreed with the idea that a state has the right to enforce federal immigration laws, at least to a degree.

The liberal apologists for lawbreaking always say to go after the employer, but they have never supported E-verify, which is the first step toward getting serious about workplace […]

Washington to Spend Millions on Citizenship Campaign

For the your-tax-dollars-at-work file: the government is spending $3.5 million to urge legal immigrants to go all the way and become American citizens.

There’s a cheerful video, overflowing with patriotic diversity.

Not to be grinchy about Legal immigrants who came the correct way, but why should Washington be spending any money at all to convince people to […]

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