Dearbornistan: Muslims Protest Free Speech

The Constitution assures us Americans that we have the right to voice our opinions in public, but Muslims residing in this country don’t believe the First Amendment applies when their religion is correctly criticized for its misogyny, brutality and rejection of reason.

Rev. Terry Jones of Georgia roused Islamic anger when he burned a Koran in […]

The Religion of Peace on TV

From MEMRI: an Iranian program discussing the legacy of Saddam Hussein apparently called “The Democratic Club” plumbed new depths of uncivil discourse, Islam style.

“I will chop off your tongue if you talk about Saddam. . . Come here you son of a bitch. . . You dog. . . You low life. . .”

Plus […]

Egyptian Christians See No Benefit from Political Change

The glorious “Arab Spring” of supposed peace and justice in the Middle East has not brought improvement to the lives of Egyptian Christians. In fact, attacks against them by Muslims have actually increased since Mubarak’s ouster, and Coptic Christians already lived precarious lives where violent persecution has been normal.

For example, an Alexandria church was bombed […]

McDonald's Gets One Million Job Applications on One Day

On April 19, the popular restaurant chain held a widely publicized employment day across the country which drew large crowds. Now the figures are in, and the McDonald’s company reports that more than one million job applications were received that day.

What does that tell us about the state of employment in America? Clearly many people […]

Canada: Asylum Seeker Saga Unfolds, with Camp of the Saints Undertones

In October of 2009, the freighter Ocean Lady appeared off the coast of British Columbia carrying a cargo of 76 Tamil men from Sri Lanka who sought asylum in Canada. They were promptly taken by the RCMP to Vancouver for screening.

(Canada is known for accepting a large number of asylum seekers to expand its diversity.)

If […]

Danes Permit Dangerous Mega-Mosque

There’s bad news from Denmark, a country which had been so courageous in standing up for free speech during the Mohammed cartoons controversy. Now it is showing signs of weakness in the face of insistent Islam.

A huge mosque is about to be built there, financed by Iran, which Lars Hedegaard describes as being “more like […]

Britain: Muslim Unfriendlies Threaten Royal Wedding

Unwise immigration over decades has made Britain a more dangerous place, where thousands of Muslims constitute a fifth column dedicated to destroying the society using violence. In 2005, Sons of Allah bombed the London transit system, an attack which killed 56 including four bombers and injured about 700. Various plots have been disrupted by the […]

Increase in Hispanic Voters Noted

The Pew Hispanic Center has a new report on the increasing number and percentage of latino voters, particularly focusing on the 2010 election.

The numbers keep inching up, because immigration-fueled demography is relentless. Still, the enthusiasm for voting remains less than among other groups, e.g. white voters had 48.6 percent turnout in 2010, while 31.2 percent […]

Moscow Mosque Mania

In Russia, Muslims don’t seem to have a very good reputation. A series of terrorist attacks, like the horrific Moscow theater attack and the Beslan killings of 186 schoolchildren may have left a mark on the national psyche.

In the CBN video below examining the mushrooming of mosques, even an Islamic leader says, “Most people associate […]

Mexifornia Is Next on Gutierrez' Amnesty Demand Tour

Rep Luis Gutierrez has been traveling America in recent weeks with a 20-city Amnesty Expedition, similar to the one he made in 2009, which I documented first hand (Speaker Pelosi Boards Gutierrez Amnesty Express).

What’s different on this trip is Gutierrez’ demand that President Obama bypass the¬†uncooperative Congress entirely and¬†use his executive power to reward foreign […]

CAIR Is Shown to Be a Threat, yet the DOJ Won’t Prosecute

Rep. Sue Myrick is the Chair of the House Intelligence Subcommittee on Terrorism, Human Intelligence, Analysis and Counterintelligence, as befits her record of leadership on national security issues.

Myrick’s Youtube channel has posted a series of informational videos about the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliations. The most recent outlines the connections between the Brotherhood and the […]

Sharia Diversity in Denmark

Young Muslims residing in Denmark don’t seem very well assimilated to democratic values. The ones shown in the video following all demand sharia be the law of the land.

Why don’t the followers of Islam move to a sharia-compliant country like Saudi Arabia then if sharia is so important to them? There are lots of Muslim […]

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