Rep. McCaul: List Mexican Cartels As Terror Organizations

If there’s an appreciable difference between Muslim terrorists and Mexican drug thugs, it exists mainly in motivation (e.g. the belief of Allah types that jihadists get 72 virgins in the afterlife). The behavior is similar in many ways, down to the bombs and beheadings, designed to scare the public.

Mexican organized crime has certainly racked up […]

India Census: 181 Million More in 10 Years

The United States is not the only nation to have a recent Census counting the residents: India has announced the results of its decennial tabulation.

Demographers have predicted for years that India would overtake Red China as the planet’s most populous nation within a couple decades. The Indian count — an additional 181 million persons in […]

Rep. Steve King’s Conservative Principles Conference Includes Immigration Speaker

I happened to be clicking around the TV last weekend and came across Rep. Steve King’s Conservative Principles Conference in Des Moines. Among the many speakers at the day-long meeting was Rosemary Jenks from NumbersUSA:

Illegal Alien Contractors Sue for Back Wages

Requirements for the use of E-verify in Georgia have been undermined rather thoroughly. One masonry company is owned by illegal aliens with an E-verify account who are now suing for back wages. They figure they have nothing to lose — apparently they don’t fear jail or deportation.

Plus, the masonry work was on a military site. […]