London: Sharia Support Expressed

Not every human being wants to be a free individual, despite noble-sounding declarations on that subject. Quite a number of Muslim immigrants prefer to be Allah’s obedient sheeple, even after experiencing the freedom that Western Civilization offers. They reject everything we value to be slaves in a totalitarian ideology.

A group of Muslims rallied in London […]

Mexico Gun Smuggling Scandal Expands

The slow-motion scandal of the the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms smuggling guns to Mexico is rising ever higher. Some dim bulb in the ATF thought it would be brilliant idea to ship high-power weapons to Mexican gangsters in order to “track” them. Now President Obama is swearing he didn’t know nuttin! To Univision, […]

Census: Hispanics Residing in America Hit 50 Million

The Associated Press called the Census announcement “a surprising show of growth,” perhaps in mock shock. Many who follow the immigration and border security were not surprised by stampeding population growth.

Millions continue to flow across the sieve-like Mexican border and hispanics have lots of babies: demography is destiny, as they say.

Pew demographer Jeff Passal (pronounced […]