Rep. McCaul: List Mexican Cartels As Terror Organizations

If there’s an appreciable difference between Muslim terrorists and Mexican drug thugs, it exists mainly in motivation (e.g. the belief of Allah types that jihadists get 72 virgins in the afterlife). The behavior is similar in many ways, down to the bombs and beheadings, designed to scare the public.

Mexican organized crime has certainly racked up […]

India Census: 181 Million More in 10 Years

The United States is not the only nation to have a recent Census counting the residents: India has announced the results of its decennial tabulation.

Demographers have predicted for years that India would overtake Red China as the planet’s most populous nation within a couple decades. The Indian count — an additional 181 million persons in […]

Rep. Steve King’s Conservative Principles Conference Includes Immigration Speaker

I happened to be clicking around the TV last weekend and came across Rep. Steve King’s Conservative Principles Conference in Des Moines. Among the many speakers at the day-long meeting was Rosemary Jenks from NumbersUSA:

Illegal Alien Contractors Sue for Back Wages

Requirements for the use of E-verify in Georgia have been undermined rather thoroughly. One masonry company is owned by illegal aliens with an E-verify account who are now suing for back wages. They figure they have nothing to lose — apparently they don’t fear jail or deportation.

Plus, the masonry work was on a military site. […]

White House Advisor Reviews Hispanic Education Challenges

An interview with a hispanic education advisor in the White House indicates an interesting combination of honesty and a sense of entitlement. Juan Sepulveda admits that hispanic students are at rock bottom of academic achievement (unlike other immigrant groups such as Asians who adapt readily to America’s education opportunities).

In fact, the hispanic education environment is […]

Group Identity Is Strong among Primates

Everybody likes their own tribe the best, a fact of psychology that is ignored by the insistent multiculturalism ideology so beloved by liberal elites. We humans just feel more comfortable among those who share our language and culture.

Science has shown that the tribal nature of our species is deep seated.

New research indicates that a hard-wired […]

Obama on Univision: We Want Illegals to Succeed

On Monday, post-American President Obama appeared on the Spanish network Univision to chat and take questions from non-reporters. (I can’t remember the last time he had a town hall with Americans in English.)

Unsurprisingly, the subjects were illegal immigration and amnesty. In answer to a question about deporting illegal alien students, Obama replied, “We want them […]

Some Mexican Cartel Refugees Happily Remain in Mexico

The liberal press and others stuck on questionable victimhood have been eyeing a massive run for the border of Mexicans fleeing drug violence. In 2009 I commented about the Texas strategy for that possibility: Texas Government Plan For Massive Mexican Invasion: Immediate Surrender. Such a human flood would dwarf the disastrous Mariel Boatlift of 1980 […]

Senator Pearce: Arizona Update

Politico has a piece written by Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce explaining recent voting (not positive for enforcement) and how long it took to get SB1070 passed. Pearce emphasized how the war for American sovereignty and safety from hostile invasion requires tenacity over years.

As long as Mexico sees exporting its cheap workers north as advantageous, […]

London: Sharia Support Expressed

Not every human being wants to be a free individual, despite noble-sounding declarations on that subject. Quite a number of Muslim immigrants prefer to be Allah’s obedient sheeple, even after experiencing the freedom that Western Civilization offers. They reject everything we value to be slaves in a totalitarian ideology.

A group of Muslims rallied in London […]

Mexico Gun Smuggling Scandal Expands

The slow-motion scandal of the the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms smuggling guns to Mexico is rising ever higher. Some dim bulb in the ATF thought it would be brilliant idea to ship high-power weapons to Mexican gangsters in order to “track” them. Now President Obama is swearing he didn’t know nuttin! To Univision, […]

Census: Hispanics Residing in America Hit 50 Million

The Associated Press called the Census announcement “a surprising show of growth,” perhaps in mock shock. Many who follow the immigration and border security were not surprised by stampeding population growth.

Millions continue to flow across the sieve-like Mexican border and hispanics have lots of babies: demography is destiny, as they say.

Pew demographer Jeff Passal (pronounced […]

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