Unfriendly Muslim Pray-Ins Mark Territory in Greece

In France, hostile Muslims attempt to intimidate local people by illegally occupying the streets in mass numbers for Friday prayers. (See Muslim Bullying Paralyzes Paris.)

The practice also occurs in Greece, where the local folks don’t like it any better.

Saudi Student Arrested for Terror Scheme

In Texas, a Saudi college student has been arrested for plotting a bomb attack against President George W Bush and other targets. He was discovered because of his suspicious attempt to purchase quantities of explosive chemicals which aroused the concern of the supplier who notified authorities. In other words, no FBI sting operation was involved. […]

Sweden: Muslim Immigration Not a Great Idea

How has diverse (i.e. Muslim) immigration been working out in Sweden?

Not so well, as it turns out. A mosque in Malmo was firebombed in an unfriendly act by homies (apparently), and of course Muslims have not made much of an effort to assimilate. Diversity appears to be more of a curse than a blessing.

In fact, […]