Egypt’s New Freedom Doesn’t Include Women

One small bump on the road to the media canonization of Egypt’s revolution as an assemblage of noble founding fathers: the brutal sexual mauling of CBS journalist Lara Logan by 200 men of Tahrir Square. Fortunately she was rescued by concerned Egyptian women and soldiers, or else she might never have been seen again. Fortunately […]

Mexico Forces US Agents to Work Unarmed

The more is uncovered about the murder of ICE Special Agent Jaime Zapata, the worse the details become. Now we learn that he and the other agent shot earlier this week were unarmed in one of the most dangerous regions on earth, driving a big SUV with US government plates. If that’s not a big […]

Mexifornia: Disagreement over Mexican Excellence Ends in Shooting

One of the expressions of diversity with which we have become familiar is how fond Mexicans are of their home country, to the point where one wonders how they can leave such a beloved place.

An example of the this tendency was on display in Santa Ana, California, where an argument developed in a restaurant between […]