Muslim Wife Beheader Found Guilty of Murder in Buffalo

Jurors clearly didn’t buy Muzzammil Hassan’s “battered husband” defense for the decapitation murder of his wife Aasiya. In fact, they came to a verdict in a little over an hour, which is pretty fast for a murder case.

An insanity plea might have worked better than trying to portray himself as a victim, because normal Islamic […]

Anti-Sovereignty Senators Plot Amnesty against Americans -- Again!

They’re ba-a-a-a-ck!. The Open-Borders Republicans, led by Senator Lindsey Graham, are being courted by the usual Democrat suspects (Chuck Schumer in particular) for a retry at amnesty for illegal aliens. And Senator McCain appears about to revert to his pro-amnesty self now that he’s been reelected.

The long-lasting jobs depression (which may well last for years […]