Seattle: Social Justice Pander-Fest Warms Up

The city that prides itself having a statue of Lenin has advanced more forcefully into the social justice arena by turning the principle of equality under the law on its head. The blindfolded figure of Justice holding a scale represents the foundational idea that Seattle rejects.

Seattle thinks it knows better and wants to improve the […]

Cardinal Roger Mahony (Friend of Pedophiles and Illegal Aliens) Retires from Church

In Los Angeles, Cardinal Roger Mahony (pictured below) is retiring at age 75 from his position as the top Catholic of the Los Angeles diocese. He leaves behind a record of being a major figure in the Church’s pedophile priest sex scandals and being a tireless booster for illegal aliens. He will be remembered for […]

Colorado: Saudi Slavery Diversity Revisited with Reduced Sentence

Who knew that the lowlife convicted slavemaster Homaidan al-Turki (pictured) would be in the news again and so soon? It was just 2006 when the Saudi PhD student was sentenced to hard time by a Colorado court for holding an Indonesian woman as a sex slave in his home. He apparently is well connected with […]

Texas Suffers Rapidly Increasing Mexification

Demographic change is merciless, as is painfully obvious. When a country (the United States) permits the entrance of millions from a highly dissimilar society (Mexico) with many objectionable cultural attributes (e.g., violence against women, dislike of education, fondness for crime), then we shouldn’t be surprised that the foreigners’ unpleasant diversity can be harmful to our […]

France: Muslims on a Bus

Here’s a striking example of what happens when a country foolishly admits millions of Muslims. When they reach a certain level of population, they no longer feel the need to hide their hostility.

Fear of Backlash Erupts in Lubbock after Arrest of Saudi

Funny how after an immigrant commits a crime or terrorist act, the big worry of the press is that bloodthirsty Americans will attack members of the perp’s tribe. No concern about potential thousands of murdered victims is evident at all. The reaction to the recent arrest of Saudi Khalid Aldawsari for building a homemade WMD […]

Unfriendly Muslim Pray-Ins Mark Territory in Greece

In France, hostile Muslims attempt to intimidate local people by illegally occupying the streets in mass numbers for Friday prayers. (See Muslim Bullying Paralyzes Paris.)

The practice also occurs in Greece, where the local folks don’t like it any better.

Saudi Student Arrested for Terror Scheme

In Texas, a Saudi college student has been arrested for plotting a bomb attack against President George W Bush and other targets. He was discovered because of his suspicious attempt to purchase quantities of explosive chemicals which aroused the concern of the supplier who notified authorities. In other words, no FBI sting operation was involved. […]

Sweden: Muslim Immigration Not a Great Idea

How has diverse (i.e. Muslim) immigration been working out in Sweden?

Not so well, as it turns out. A mosque in Malmo was firebombed in an unfriendly act by homies (apparently), and of course Muslims have not made much of an effort to assimilate. Diversity appears to be more of a curse than a blessing.

In fact, […]

Arizona Honor Killing Verdict Is Second Degree Murder

This is a disappointing outcome. In the spirit of equal justice under the law, one would hope to see the message sent to Islamic immigrants that honor killings in America will be dealt with as harshly as possible. But this jury did not represent that view.

The intent of Iraqi father Faleh Almaleki to murder his […]

Mexican Crime Diversity Celebrates Itself Online and Beyond

Here in the first world, internet technology has had huge effects on popular culture, with nifty music aps and do-it-yourself Youtubes opening up whole new areas of entertainment and creativity.

Backwater Mexico has been affected by the same advances, albeit in its own unique way. Mexicans already have a well developed fondness for criminal activities, […]

Islamic Enemies Eye America's Porous Southern Border

Evidence accumulates of the worsening terror threat on the southern border, nearly 20 percent of which was judged to be poorly guarded according to a recent GAO report. Rep Sue Myrick has warned that unfriendly Venezuela is a portal for Iranians and other hostile people to make their way into America via Mexico. Rep. Mike […]

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