Napolitano Continues the Big Lie about the Border

In April of last year, Janet Napolitano, the Secretary of Homeland Security, declared that the US-Mexico border is “as secure now as it has ever been.”

On Monday, she appeared at the University of Texas, El Paso (a city which has received incoming gunfire from Mexico) to talk tough about America’s perimeter. I’m sure her sternly […]

New Asian Mayors Are an Invitation for Complaints by Ethnic Scribblers

Here in the Bay Area, November’s election brought two Asian mayors to major cities. The voters picked Jean Quan to be Oakland’s leader, and the election of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom to be Lieutenant Governor left unexpired time on his term. Ed Lee was chosen by the Board of Supervisors to become the interim […]

Jobs Picture for Older Workers Is Bleak

The employment outlook for most Americans looks pretty bad, but for those over 50 it is downright grim. Businesses just don’t like to hire older workers, even though they are just as capable as anyone else, and often more so.

The one thing about Obamacare (with the eventual endgame of single-payer) that I thought might be […]

Arizona Takes Action against Birth Citizenship

Once again, Arizona is the spearpoint of defending the country against the onslaught of illegal aliens, this time challenging the misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment, by which the children of illegal aliens born on American soil are awarded citizenship. While some in the dinosaur media characterize the legislation as off the reservation, Arizona has already […]

Islamic Immigration to Increase in America

Persons concerned about the survival of Western Civilization watch Europe’s degradation with alarm, as hostile Muslims use intimidation and violence to destroy freedom of speech, individual rights and women’s equality.

Those freedoms are increasingly under assault in America too; one example is the woman who suggested Everyone Draw Mohammed Day was forced into hiding by Muslim […]

Immigration Subcommittee's Quiet Start

As far as I can tell thus far, only the home-town paper of Rep. Elton Gallegly (pictured) reported directly about his first hearing as Chair of the House Immigration Subcommittee. However, scheduling the panel for the day following the President’s State of the Union speech may have consigned the hearing to minimal news coverage, given […]

Obama: Bring Back the DREAM Act as a Start to Comprehensive Amnesty

The President was doing reasonably well in his State of the Union address, speaking positively about traditional values like hard work and education. But he couldn’t leave well enough alone; he had to inject his comprehensive amnesty scheme to reward foreign lawbreakers whom he imagines will be future Democrats.

He spoke like it’s a little thing […]

Islamic Milestone Reached in America: Two Honor Killing Trials Running Concurrently

It’s true: two honor killing trials are going on at the same time. What a triumph for Islamic diversity in America. Muslims must be proud that their misogynist culture has been implanted so thoroughly in a society that thought it was doing well on gender equality. The wonders of multicultural immigration, that enriches us all […]

Washington Post Throws Gasoline on Muslim Fears

Shame on the Washington Post for whipping up fear among Muslims who reside in America. It has a front-page shriek-fest today, aimed at blaming Americans. The layout portrays Muslims as poor little victims, suffering from the cruelty of meanie citizens — which is a Big Lie.

You would think there was no problem with so-called home-grown […]

Islam: Even More Extreme than We Thought

Scholar Robert Reilly recently published a book, The Closing of the Muslim Mind, which points out a fundamental difficulty with Islam, namely that it rejected reason early in its history and instead embraced pure power as the first principle. (The primary importance of force certainly explains a lot about Hitler’s fondness for Islam.)

The rejection of […]

Thilo Sarrazin in English

Thilo Sarrazin is the former German Bundesbank official who wrote a book that outraged the liberal establishment by noting the refusal of Muslim immigrants to assimilate to German society. His book, Deutschland Shafft Sich Ab (Germany Does Away with Itself), has been a phenomenal best seller (1.2 million copies sold) and launched a national dialogue […]

Guilty in Seattle: Somali Gets Hard Time for Anti-White Attack

I suppose it was something of a victory for sanity and justice that a Somali immigrant was convicted of a hate crime against a white teenager, particularly since the victim was initially doubted by locals. After all, 16-year-old Shane McClellan (pictured) said he had been tortured for hours by two men who had shouted, “The […]

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