Jihad Bells

Actually, it’s┬áJingle Bells – The Bethlehem 2010 Version.

Kausfiles Analysis of the DREAM Act Flop

Blogger Mickey Kaus checks out what the open-borders gang is thinking about their recent wipe-out. The DREAM Act was supposed to be an easy win, and was left until the Lame Duck when the Democrats’ remaining shards of power remained. The Great Obama had promised to amnesty millions of hopeful illegal foreigners in his first […]

Terry Family Criticizes Napolitano for Border Anarchy

The family of murdered Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry agrees with the majority of Americans that the border is dangerously insecure, despite the bleatings of the administration. Agent Terry was killed in an Arizona gun battle with Mexican bandits earlier this month.

Terry’s funeral was held on Wednesday, and his family gathered to say good-bye and […]