South Carolina County Deports Criminal Illegal Aliens

It’s easy to forget when you live in Mexifornia that some places in America still care about public safety more than servicing illegal aliens.

A recent report from Charleston County South Carolina is a helpful reminder that common sense immigration enforcement policies can significantly decrease the number of dangerous people present in a community. Police there […]

Will Treasonous Republicans Pursue the DREAM Act Next Year?

Never forget there are plenty of open-borders Republicans out there, and the more power the GOP gets, the more they come out of the woodwork in a loudmouth fashion. Hispandering is Job #1 to some top Repubs, including biggies like Jeb Bush and Newt Gingrich. Apparently the newly popular Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey […]

Muslim Suicide Bomber Hits Stockholm

Sweden has suffered greatly from Muslim immigration. Malmo, the third-largest city, has been afflicted with the usual Islamic hostility toward authority: for example, firefighters and emergency workers need police protection when entering the mostly Muslim neighborhood of Rosengard. Diversity immigration has also brought Sweden a Muslim Rape Wave, indicating multiculturalism has not been a big […]