Illegal Alien Convicted in Brutal Attack

Here’s the sort of normal horror that goes on more and more frequently because of open borders. An illegal alien thug broke into a 78-year-old woman’s apartment to rob the place and beat her so severely with a crowbar that she was left blind.

Jose Perez-Gonzalez (pictured at right) was convicted on Tuesday in Daly […]

Senator Reid Gets Out His Bag of Dirty Harry Tricks

It’s crunch time for the despicable DREAM Act stealth amnesty, so its champion Senator Reid has gone to funny business. He pulled the old new-bill-at-the-last-minute gag — actually several versions of the bill, just to make it interesting. It’s an action designed to create maximum chaos for some reason. Perhaps he thinks something will turn […]

DREAM Act Amnesty in Return for Military Service Is Unwise

Not all illegal aliens are gangsters, but some are, which makes the DREAM Act freebie for illegals who serve in the military a bad idea.

For illegal alien gangbangers, a DREAM Act amnesty via the military would be a twofer. First, they get legal residence, which means more ease of navigating American society, and eventual citizenship. […]