DHS Secretary Napolitano Advising Afghanistan on Border Security

It’s good to hear experts describe how open borders completely undermine national security. Major General Bob Scales in the video below refers to “this running sore, this open border. . .”

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com

How nice that Janet Napolitano is paying attention to. . . oh wait, it’s the Afghanistan-Pakistan border that the […]

Kansas to Consider Immigration Enforcement

Kansas will be interesting to watch on the topic of state immigration enforcement. Kansans were wise to elect Kris Kobach as Secretary of State. He has been the go-to guy for writing legislation, including Arizona’s 1070, and he has worked with Hazelton and Farmers Branch in their legal struggles..

States Turn to Kobach for […]

Why Aliens Don't Want to Go Home

Mark Krikorian posted an article illustrating the efficacy of attrition as an enforcement strategy, where negative reinforcement prods border violators to get home the same way they got here — on their own dime.

I’m not one who thinks the taxpayer should be dinged to give lawbreakers a free ride home. “Deport them all” is not […]

Denmark Arrests Five Muslims Planning Newsroom Massacre

In Copenhagen, several hostile Muslims were arrested for a mass murder plot against the Jyllands-Posten newspaper that published the Mohammed cartoons in 2005, which the Sons of Allah found objectionable. The current scheme was to shoot as many people as possible in the newsroom of the offending newspaper.

Muslims really don’t like the tradition of free […]

Diversity Journo-Hucksters Promote Censorship

It’s not exactly news that open-borders enthusiasts employed in the media strive daily to blur the line between immigrants and illegal aliens, often by leaving out the “illegal” adjective till late in the story if it is mentioned at all. Sometimes I fantasize about printing out a few thousand copies of the word “illegal” and […]

Medical Interpreters Are an Entitlement for Immigrants

At a time when astronomical budget deficits have made fiscally responsible leaders warn citizens of necessary belt-tightening ahead, immigrants are about to receive improvements to a little discussed entitlement on the backs of American taxpayers and health insurance purchasers.

Every non-English-speaker is already entitled to a skilled interpreter as a right, piled on the already explosive […]

They Keep Coming (the Illegal Irish, That Is)

It’s no secret worldwide that the United States is suffering a terrible recession illustrated by the worst level of joblessness since the 1930s. Fifteen million is the official unemployment number, but many additional American citizens are working part-time or have given up looking.

Nevertheless, illegal aliens from Ireland continue to arrive to steal American jobs, like […]

Merry Christmas!

Here’s Amanda Shaw with a down home Silent Night.

And something more formal from Andrea Bocelli, Adeste Fidelis.

Bing Crosby’s movie White Christmas is a remembrance of traditional America.

Jihad Bells

Actually, it’s┬áJingle Bells – The Bethlehem 2010 Version.

Kausfiles Analysis of the DREAM Act Flop

Blogger Mickey Kaus checks out what the open-borders gang is thinking about their recent wipe-out. The DREAM Act was supposed to be an easy win, and was left until the Lame Duck when the Democrats’ remaining shards of power remained. The Great Obama had promised to amnesty millions of hopeful illegal foreigners in his first […]

Terry Family Criticizes Napolitano for Border Anarchy

The family of murdered Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry agrees with the majority of Americans that the border is dangerously insecure, despite the bleatings of the administration. Agent Terry was killed in an Arizona gun battle with Mexican bandits earlier this month.

Terry’s funeral was held on Wednesday, and his family gathered to say good-bye and […]

Mexifornia DREAMers Refocus Demands to State

A giant sigh of relief was heard across the nation when the ghastly DREAM Act stealth amnesty for millions was defeated in the Senate. Another bullet aimed at America’s sovereignty and culture was dodged, due to the efforts of patriotic citizens.

In California, however, the entirely Democrat-run state government of 2011 is going full-steam ahead to […]

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