Hispanics in Nevada Consider Forming a Tequila Party

The “Tequila Party” is meant to be a knock-off brand of the Tea Party, which of course refers to a historic event from the American Revolution. Many Americans who identify with the Tea Party correspondingly want the government to return to its fundamental Constitutional principles.

The principles of the Tequila Party are less clear, except Mexicans […]

Portland Somalis Fumble a

It’s tough for the religion that famously spread by the sword for the last 1400 years to present a convincing case that Peace is part of its portfolio — although the credulous press is happy to lap it up.

Still, an underwhelming gathering of 50 Somalis and supporters (out of an estimated 8000 Portland Somalis) showed […]

Swiss Voters Choose Deportation for Criminal Aliens

The Swiss impressed me last year with their vote against minaret construction, when know-it-all elites had been confident that the little people were intimidated into supporting Muslim diversity (one AP headline was Swiss Ban Mosque Minarets in Surprise Vote). Nope, the citizens weren’t having any. Furthermore, Swiss women voted against minarets by a higher percentage […]

Would-Be Portland Bomber Hated Americans in High School

On Friday, Mohamed Osman Mohamud, a naturalized citizen who was born in Somalia, dialed a cell-phone number he thought would detonate a car bomb in the midst of Portland’s festive Christmas-tree-lighting ceremony and kill dozens, perhaps hundreds, of Americans. Fortunately, the FBI had interceded into his terror plot and gave him a fake car bomb. […]

Oakland Becomes a More Welcoming City for Illegals with Its Handy ID-Debit Card

In many American locales, the welcome mat for illegal aliens has been removed, but Oakland Mexifornia has a different idea. The Bay Area city is plagued by unemployment and violent crime, but it has instituted a friendly-to-illegals program that will make life easier for them and may well attract many more who want to set […]

Only in Mexifornia. . . Illegal Alien Law School Graduate!

You have to shake your head at the level of this malfeasance, even for crazy-left California. It’s one thing for border-hopper Juan to advance to senior tomato picker in the field pecking order, but using California’s university system to become a lawyer on the backs of the state’s taxpayers is worse than a cruel joke.

The […]

Britain: Muslim Cabbie Rejects Blind Passengers Because of Guide Dog

Muslims residing in the UK have never gotten proper training (i.e. stiff punishment) for mistreating blind people who have guide dogs, Pooches are unclean, according to Mohammed, so his little Islo-drones behave abominably toward the disabled when they need doggie assistance.

Refusing service to blind people with guide dogs is not only rude and barbaric, it […]

Your Tax Dollars at Work: Illegal Aliens’ Luxurious Jails More Like Hotels

Last June, I wrote about DHS’ plans to upgrade jail accommodations for illegal alien prisoners to become rather cushy: Coming Soon from Obama: Alien Detention Center with Continental Breakfasts.

Now, we see the plan in action, in Arizona no less:

‘Deluxe’ Immigration Jail in Florence Takes Heat, Fox News Phoenix, November 17, 2010

Whether you are in favor […]

Obama's Kenyan Granny Wishes He Would Convert to Islam

Funny, when Obama was campaigning for President, the useless lying media portrayed his Kenyan grandmother as being Christian.

Now he is elected and it doesn’t matter so much that he has plenty of Islamo-relatives among his polygamous family back in the old country.

Granny must regret that her grandson has strayed from the family faith, and wishes […]

Videos: Obama the Community Organizer and an Immigration Panel

While perusing KitmanTV earlier this week, I came across videos for David Horowitz’s recent Restoration Weekend conference, and there is a lot of good stuff there.

Of particular interest was Stanley Kurtz’s talk explaining his new book about the current President: Radical-in-Chief: Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism. Not a whole lot is […]

California Looks to Initiative Process to Emulate Arizona’s Immigration Law

As I wrote recently, in California’s Sociopathic Specialness, the state made painfully stupid choices in the election by ignoring the common-sense message of the Tea Party and going even more Democrat than before. (More depressing news in that regard: Steve Cooley just conceded today to sanctuary city booster Kamala Harris in the state’s Attorney General […]

Diversity Visas Hit a New High in Popularity

An honest environmentalist will tell you that the United States is overpopulated at 310 million, and any additional immigrants welcomed to this country is too many. ZERO is the number for which we should strive.

With the jobs depression showing no sign of abating at all, legal immigration should be severely reduced for the forseeable future. […]

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