Dallas Jihadist Epilogue: the Valentine to Osama

When wanna-be Dallas bomber and illegal alien Hosam Smadi was sentenced earlier this week, he recited a groveling apology to the court, perhaps hoping for a shorter sentence.

Would-be Dallas bomber gets 24-year sentence, Star-Telegram, October 19, 2010

DALLAS — Minutes before he was sentenced to 24 years in federal prison, Hosam “Sam” Smadi apologized for trying […]

Chechnya Says It Will End Bride Kidnapping

Being a woman can be a primitive experience in Chechnya, since she might be snatched off the street by a man who wants to possess her. Yep, a man can kidnap a woman he wants to “marry” (so romantic!), then her family has to negotiate through an imam about the terms of how he gets […]

Pew Study: Hispanic Democrats Less Motivated to Vote

The good news for Democrat honchos is that many Hispanics like the D-brand. The bad news for Obama boosters is Latinos are not highly motivated to actually get out and vote, despite decades of effort from liberal legislators to make voting as easy as possible (like multilingual ballots).

That’s too bad for BHO because Hispanics like […]