Angela Merkel: Multiculturalism Is a Failure in Germany

How sweet to hear those words on the radio today, broadcast by the BBC. It was a fine moment to hear the leader of a major European nation admit that one of the most cherished liberal ideologies hasn’t worked out at all in actual practice.

It’s a beautiful fantasy, that all of humanity can join hands […]

Arizona Update: Mexican Organized Crime Incursion Increases

Obama’s script for future amnesty includes lies to the American people about the state of border security. When the administration finally placed a thousand National Guard troops on the border (not enough by a long shot), DHS Secretary Napolitano couldn’t get to a microphone fast enough to demand mass amnesty, the magical prescription for millions […]

Tancredo Campaign Ad Focuses on Crime Victim

Marat Kudlis, the father of a toddler killed by a drunk driving illegal alien, is featured in an ad for Tom Tancredo in his campaign to be governor of Colorado:

Three-year-old Marten Kudlis was killed as he sat in an ice cream shop by a crash caused by a vehicle driven at 80 mph by Francis […]