Pro-Jihad Singer Performs with Liberal Icons

My attention was certainly grabbed while watching the “Restore Sanity” rally on C-SPAN Saturday when Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens until he went Islamic) was welcomed to the stage to do a little number. “Restore Sanity and/or Fear” was the semi-comedic performance on the Mall on Saturday by Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart to um, […]

Dirty Harry Promises Lame Duck DREAM Act to Univision

The Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, has entered the major Hispander zone by telling Latino invader Jorge Ramos that he would jam through the stealth amnesty known as the DREAM Act before the newly elected legislators take their seats.

The President lobbed a pre-hint last week when he said he was a “big supporter of the […]

A New Amnesty Plan from Surprising Sources -- Richard Lamm and Lawrence Harrison

It’s disappointing to see two intelligent and influential immigration thinkers, whom I admire greatly, plop out a lipstick-on-a-pig amnesty scheme that ignores the rock bottom psychological fact: when you reward a behavior, you get more of it.

Any legalization giveaway, no matter how augmented with tough policing measures, would be headlined in every news outlet of […]

Pew Hispanic Report: Tribe Loyalty Trumps Patriotic Assimilation

The latest study with polling data from Pew Hispanic has a lot to mull over. While the title — Illegal Immigration Backlash Worries, Divides Latinos — highlights the reliable old chestnut of “backlash” (which has been a handy tool for portraying illegal aliens as victims), some of the more interesting poll results compare differing attitudes […]

Somalia: Al-Shabaab Jihadists Execute Two Teenage Girls

Civilization has had little effect in the Horn of Africa, where Islamist soldiers executed two girls apparently out of pique or boredom or too much khat. Or perhaps the Shabaabers wanted to demonstrate their power over the locals.

Surprisingly the girls weren’t stoned to death, in the traditional sharia style, but simply shot.

Two teenage girls executed […]

Narco-state Leader Blames America for Violence

Mexico’s annoying Presidente is castigating America for his country’s problems again, with the complaint that the U.S. is a major buyer of drugs.

Calderon’s latest gripe is California’s initiative to legalize marijuana for personal use, which would permit citizens to grow their own herb, as nature intended.

He also repeated the lie that Mexico’s escalating violence is […]

Another Use for Tax Dollars: Government Media

The NPR honcho now famous for quashing politically incorrect speech by firing Juan Williams is also well known for working to expand the role of government in media. The press has been on a downsizing spree and depleting newsrooms because of falling circulation and cratering ad sales because of the internet ascendance over the past […]

Obama Campaigns among His Hispanic Base, Promising to “Punish Our Enemies”

The President cruised through southern California late last week and found time for a sit-down interview in the Univision studio of former illegal alien Piolin Sotelo which was played on Monday.

An English transcript is available, fortunately for our edification. Naturally the main topic was amnesty, amnesty, amnesty. The President had a mouthful of excuses, trying […]

Silicon Valley: Many Running Out of Unemployment Benefits and Hope

On Sunday, 60 Minutes presented a report about how bad the recession is for people who are unemployed. The show went to San Jose, which was the center of the booming Silicon Valley just a decade ago. Now shiny new buildings stand empty, and college-educated people have run out money after losing their jobs in […]

Neigh! to Jane Harman

Young Frankenstein is one of my favorite movies (particularly the dance number), so I enjoyed the campaign ad from Jane Harman’s challenger: Young Mattie Fein (vs Jane Harman).

Local Initiatives Push Non-Citizen Voting

Add non-citizen voting to the endless Gimme list of immigrants and illegal aliens. Some extra-welcoming cities are putting that idea on the Nov 2 ballot to accommodate foreigners who are still not happy with residing in America.

Gimme demanders could get naturalized if eligible. Oh wait, that costs money and requires effort.

In addition, non-citizen voting […]

Washington Expands Schools As Feeding Stations

It’s not enough for nanny-state enthusiasts that many kids get free-to-them breakfast and lunch plus a couple of snacks, courtesy of the taxpayers, now some schools are feeding them dinner as well, for example in Washington, DC.

The use of schools as local freebie feedbags is growing and includes parents who just show up to be […]

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