Mexican Mayors Don’t Want Their Criminals Back

On one hand, the demand of Mexican border-area mayors that America not deport Mexican felons back to Mexico is about as arrogant as it gets. Particularly when they say the lawful repatriations contribute to border violence — hmmm!

On the other hand, the mayors are merely following the strong hints from Washington that U.S. sovereignty is […]

Santa Clara County Votes to Welcome Criminal Aliens

Santa Clara County is the home of San Jose and Silicon Valley, so there is a fair amount of California immo-insanity present. Even so, the idea that the Board of Supervisors would unanimously vote to opt out of DHS’ Secure Communities program is pretty stunning. That means police will now be disallowed from checking arrestees’ […]

Sharia-compliant London Visited

How bad can immigration-invasion become? Very bad indeed. Muslim immigration is a terrible idea, one of the worst ever conceived.

Behold the Islamicized London with various symptoms recorded on video: gang violence against gay Britons with no police investigation, the Muslim takeover of a public swimming pool, a sharia divorce court where the woman is blamed […]

Thoughtful Professor Noted Briefly by Celebrity-Obsessed Media

The publicity from comedian Stephen Colbert’s self-serving stunt of testifying to the congressional subcommittee on immigration continues to burble along in the dinosaur press.

Today’s excuse to write about the Comedy Central star, er, today’s media concern extends to the vital question of celebrity witnesses. What could be more fascinating than the do-gooder hobbies of entertainers?

The […]

Islam and Red China: No Fun Permitted

Jamie Glazov’s remarks about the muzzling of a comic in Red China include cogent observations about the deep urge of totalitarians of all stripes to suppress human joy.

Freedom is a kind of vague word until one examines authoritarian systems of thought control to see the specific aspects of humanity that are disallowed, like humor under […]

Rasmussen Poll: Voters Think Government Supports Illegal Immigration

An increasing percentage of voters now believe that Washington acts in support of open borders and unlawful entrance of foreigners, in comparison with polling last fall.

Perhaps the government’s legal attack against Arizona for doing the job of border defense has led credence to that viewpoint…

Most Voters Say Government Encourages Illegal Immigration Rasmussen Reports, September 27, […]

Convicted Illegals Face More Jail Time

It’s good news that the Eighth Circuit Court has okayed longer sentences for double lawbreaker illegal alien criminals.

Even better would be the requirement that illegal alien felons serve additional time in the slammer.

Court Okays Longer Sentence For Illegal Immigrants, Judicial Watch, September 23, 2010

In a much-needed legal victory for the often defeated immigration enforcement movement, […]

Somali Mom Asphyxiates Two Kids in Closet

My Diversity Detector begins to twitch when I see foreigners who seem to go crazy and kill their children — like trailer park alien Gilberta Estrada, distraught mother Angelica Alvarez and Somali father Said Biyad.

Such crimes are partially the result of Washington’s inexplicable infatuation with third-world immigrants and the associated belief that immigration is a […]

Free Speech under Islamist Assault in US and UK

In the United States, we still have free speech despite the efforts of Islo-fundies to exempt their authoritarian belief system from normal criticism. One strategy has been for them to appeal to the United Nations for a worldwide anti-blasphemy law.

Haven’t all the well-paid lawyers of the Council of American Islamic Relations (who try to intimidate […]

Congress Admits It Is a Clownhouse

The Chair of the Immigration House Subcommittee is Zoe Lofgren, who is known not to be the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Even so, it comes as a surprise that comedian Stephen Colbert has been invited to testify as an expert at a Friday committee hearing titled Protecting America’s Harvest.

Apparently Colbert did a little skit highlighting […]

Potential Child Killer DREAM Act Will Be Back

The stealth amnesty known as the DREAM Act has been defeated for the time being, but its proponents are frustrated and angry after Obama’s failure to deliver a sweeping illegal alien pardon as promised.

As we have observed, the energizer bunnies of immigration anarchy never sleep, and Senator Durbin has already announced his intention to reintroduce […]

“Homegrown” Terror Troubles Hearing

“Homegrown” is a troubling term, since it can be so misleading when used by Washington bureaucrats. But that topic was a big theme in a hearing of the Senate Homeland Security Committee held September 22 titled Nine Years after 9/11: Confronting the Threat to the Homeland.

For example Faisal Shahzad, the Times Square wanna-be bomber, is […]

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