Libyan Thug Harangues, Threatens Italians (with Predictable Results)

In Europe, Islamics are even pushier about their totalitarian “religion” than they are here. A recent notable example was Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s friendly visit to Italy, where he lectured on the superiority of Islam to an audience of young women (who were paid to be there) as well as threatened Europe with a massive […]

Obama Throws Arizona under the United Nations Bus

The Obama Administration appears to have a fixation on Arizona. Washington has not been helpful in dealing with the state’s worsening border crisis; in fact, the feds have been downright hostile. Ever since Arizona signed its enforcement-only SB1070 into law, Obama and cronies have been piling on abuse and harassment, from unfounded accusations of racism […]

America's Schools Are Becoming More Diverse -- Rapidly

Demography can be unkind when allowed to run amok. Washington’s diversity immigration machine is set on auto-pilot, and is having the effect of increasingly making America culturally dissimilar to the nation’s founders. The post-national globalist elites don’t like the traditional citizen (who is conservative) and have been importing a new people who are culturally friendlier […]

Muslim Immigration Condemned in Germany

In Washington, a gaffe can be said to occur when an influential person tells the truth.

In Germany, a similar sensibility prevails. A ruckus has been brewing up since last year when Thilo Sarrazin (pictured below), a board member of the Bundesbank, expressed unkind (but accurate) assessments about Germany’s Muslim immigrant population: “A large number of […]

BBC Islamic Puff Piece Pierced

It’s both unfortunate and disturbing that Britain’s state news organization, the BBC, has become a propaganda arm for hostile Islam, while simultaneously denigrating Christianity and free societies like the United States. (The news organization apparently believes that the noble “Religion of Peace” has been hijacked by a small band of violent extremists.)

The BBC presentation shown […]

Germany Recruits Turks to Police Muslim Immigrants

A few weeks ago, I posted two videos showing the alarming situation in Berlin and other German cities where Muslim neighborhoods are dangerous places for police to enter: No Go Zones Are Noted. Muslim immigrants (who in Germany are mostly Turks) regard those areas of large Islamic population as being ruled by sharia, not the […]

Stealthy Piecemeal Amnesty Is Outed

The Obama administration has been getting creative to finagle a way to reward illegal aliens and thereby suck up to Hispanics with a scary-to-Dems election looming. (Party elites believe that Hispanics universally want amnesty for illegal aliens, which is not entirely true.)

Suing Arizona was one strategy, to punish the citizens who are trying to enforce […]

Mexican Marijuana Gangsters Arrested in Yosemite

Sadly, summer is nearly gone. In addition to shorter days, the approach of fall also means that it’s harvest season all around America, where Mexican organized crime is increasingly growing marijuana on US public lands. As I’ve pointed out in various articles and blog items, these pot plots are not harmless gardens, but noxious industrial […]

Cordoba: Then and Now

To many Americans of a certain age, the word “Cordoba” has the association of a Ricardo Montalban car ad from 1975. It was memorable for being over the top in its kitschy commercialism.

To Muslims, however, Cordoba means a historic conquest of part of the Western world, so using that word to name the Ground […]

Cousin Marriage among British Pakistanis Has Brought an Array of Genetic Illnesses

The news program Dispatches recently focused on the problem of consanguinity in Pakistanis. While the practice is now understood to be dangerous, customs can be very stubborn. In fact, cousin marriage is on the increase in Britain among south Asians.

Tazeen Ahmad, a Pakistani who saw the consequences in her own family of consanguinity, wrote a […]

Muslims Miffed over Ground Zero Mosque Conflict

We know how sensitive the Sons of Allah can be (when they are not busy trying to murder cartoonists for practicing free speech). The American anger over the Ground Zero mosque has sent the message that we don’t like them, we really don’t like them.

As a result, the feelings of Muslims around the world are […]

Tribal Conflicts Bubble Up in Diverse New York

Nobody resists human nature with the liberal stubbornness of the New York Times, as was evident in a recent treatment of citizens unhappy with the continuing diversity onslaught. The paper simply cannot stand Americans who want to associate with their own folks and preserve the traditional country, while praising immigrants who implant their tribe’s culture […]

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