Weasel Whitman Quick to Go Spanish

It didn’t take long for the blond billionaire to flip-flop. In California’s gubernatorial primary, Meg Whitman (pictured with Sen. McCain) moved toward immigration enforcement because she had a pro-borders opponent in Steve Poizner, and she pledged to be “tough as nails.”

The immigration policy page on her campaign website promises that a Gov. Whitman would eliminate […]

Border Park a No-Go Area Because of Safety Concerns

Invading criminal aliens have done enormous damage to America, and one of the areas most damaged has been public land, particularly parks. Mexican drug gangs have taken over large tracts of land to grow marijuana in even in our most treasured parks, like Yosemite and Sequoia.

And what is the reaction of the White House when […]

Victor Davis Hanson: War and Its Impact on Society

The military historian and classicist spoke at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco in May.

VDH thinks that going to war is largely irrational, like a lot of human activity. In the words of Thucydides, the impetus is “honor, fear and self-interest.”