Public Recognizes a Problem with Democrats in Charge

There’s been a substantial change in how Americans see the Democratic Party in the two years since they have been running the legislative and executive branches of government. Liberal priorities have been on clear display with Obama and his Chicago cronies in charge, and the people have noticed.

The headline of the new Gallup poll emphasized that nearly half were critical of the extreme leftward nature of the party (“too liberal”), but what’s more interesting is how rapidly that number has shot upward, from 39 to 49 percent in just two years.

Near-Record 49% Say Democratic Party “Too Liberal”, Gallup, Inc, June 14, 2010

PRINCETON, NJ — In the past two years, Americans have become increasingly likely to describe the Democratic Party’s views as “too liberal” (49%), and less likely to say its views are “about right” (38%). Americans’ views of the Republican Party, on the other hand, have moderated slightly, with a dip in the percentage saying the GOP is too conservative from 43% last year to 40% today, and an increase in the percentage saying it is about right, from 34% to 41%.

Also fascinating is how the proportion of people who regard the Democrats as “about right” went from 50 percent to 38 percent in the same two-year period.

Gallup’s identical questions about the Republicans showed little change in opinion (see the link).

Interestingly, a Rasmussen poll from last week showed more inclusive disgust: 65% Say Country Better Off If Most in Congress Defeated This November.

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