Rally against Ground Zero Mosque: Highlight Video

The Stop Islamization of America organizers of the terrific D-Day event have compiled a collection of segments from the many excellent speeches that inspired the thousands of participants. It’s definitely worth watching.

For more, see my earlier post Rally against Ground Zero Mosque a Great Success.

Guardians of Jihadist Virtue Say Soccer Is Un-Islamic

For the No Fun in Islam fileā€¦

Much of the non-USA world is going gonzo over the the soccer World Cup now taking place in South Africa. The sport is nearly universally popular because it requires very little in the way of equipment and is easy to play.

However, in Somali territory run by al Shabaab, the […]

Public Recognizes a Problem with Democrats in Charge

There’s been a substantial change in how Americans see the Democratic Party in the two years since they have been running the legislative and executive branches of government. Liberal priorities have been on clear display with Obama and his Chicago cronies in charge, and the people have noticed.

The headline of the new Gallup poll emphasized […]