Obama Border Security: Saving Mexico from (Mostly Nonexistent) American Guns

You have to read the fine print to understand Obama’s idea of border protection. One new phrase caught my attention: “gunrunner teams”:

AP NewsBreak: Courts need $40M for border plan, June 29, 2010

President Barack Obama’s $600 million border security plan seems to have it all: More than 1,000 agents, seven gunrunner teams, five FBI task forces […]

Non-English-Speaking Vietnamese Struggle in the Gulf Disaster

Reporters must be getting bored with avoiding Obama’s failure to act in the Gulf oil explosion, since they are turning to the ethnic angle, with plenty of boo-hooey and suffering angst. It also happens that the MSM notice the diversity slant when there’s a big crime story or other large event. Or perhaps some ethno-org […]

Escape from Arizona!

Oh the horror of poor invader Mexicans trapped in a state where the government actually enforces immigration laws!

What to do? Run away, in this case to afflict another state with their unlawful presence, job mooching and other lawbreaking (e.g. ID theft).

The Arizona Republic followed an illegal family along their road trip to … Pennsylvania. Perhaps […]

Top Obama Henchpersons Poorly Regarded

Obama might well pay attention to the old saying: “When you’re in a hole, stop digging.”

He has dug deep with policies that the public dislikes, but he refuses to deviate from his hard-left agenda. One example: his decision to pursue a lawsuit against the consistently popular Arizona law against border anarchy. Another is the budget-buster […]

Obama Apparatchiks Deny Total Amnesty Is in the Cards

The DHS has denied any intention of the executive branch to grant a unilateral “blanket” amnesty for millions of lawbreaking aliens, thereby circumventing Congress.

However, if you read the fine print closely, weaselly lawyer talk appears. “Blanket” the adjective means sweeping, all-inclusive but what is being considered behind closed doors may be a semi-comprehensive amnesty for […]

Joe Biden: Jobs Picture Looks Bad

According to the Vice President, the jobs lost in the “Great Recession” aren’t coming back, which suggests dire unemployment far into the future.

Biden: We Can’t Recover All the Jobs Lost, CBS News, June 25, 2010

Vice President Joe Biden gave a stark assessment of the economy today, telling an audience of supporters, “there’s no possibility to […]

State Legislators Planning Immigration Enforcement

If President Obama imagined his campaign of vitriol and lawsuits against Arizona would suppress other states from upgrading their immigration enforcement, he thought wrong. If anything, all the controversy has aroused a greater patriotic enthusiasm for protection of borders, workplaces and sovereignty.

More states are popping up all the time with plans to toughen up their […]

Marauding Mexico on the March

I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t understand how obnoxious MEXICO (a foreign country) gets any attention whatsoever by our American court system when the Mexicans gripe about our interior policies of immigration enforcement. It’s none of their business, period. If Mexicans are here illegally, then they are at the mercy of American justice.

(Memo to […]

Nation of Laws, or Nation of Amnesty for Invading Foreigners?

The open-borders President apparently believes it would be a swell idea to unilaterally grant an amnesty to millions of lawbreakers and thereby speed the Mexifornication of the country. His political heart must palpitate with delight when contemplating millions of grateful proto-Democrats in the pipeline a few years hence when naturalized.

Mark Krikorian blogged that those amnestied […]

Aliens Depart Arizona in Advance of Enforcement-Only Law

In Arizona, invader families are having tearful garage sales as they load up to leave. That’s the good news. The bad news is many are just relocating to other states rather than to their true homelands.

It’s hard to tell from the anecdotes how many illegals are actually leaving, but 100,000 reportedly departed after Arizona passed […]

Nebraskans Choose Sovereignty over Anarchy

Whenever given the opportunity to vote on law and borders, American citizens regularly voice a strong desire that national sovereignty be preserved and protected.

Today’s example is the town of Fremont Nebraska, population 25,000, which is burdened with the illegal alien magnet of meatpacking plants. Yesterday’s referendum to prohibit aliens from acquiring jobs and housing brought […]

Border Anarchy Resisted in West Texas

In April, I blogged about the problems of Fort Hancock, Texas, a border town an hour down the road from El Paso, which has been experiencing some difficulties with Mexican crime: Border Sheriff Says Violence in His Region Is Out of Control.

As a result of the lawlessness, Hudspeth County Sheriff Arvin West has told his […]

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