Stop Sharia: the Poem

Look quickly: this video is rapidly disappearing from the internet. The images and words supporting justice for women living under totalitarian Islam (is there another kind?) has angered the Sons of Allah, who are complaining loudly about the video’s honesty. It’s only a couple minutes, but contains much truth about the suffering of innocents under […]

Lt. Colonel Allen West Discusses Immigration

The Florida candidate for the House of Representatives speaks to local citizens about border and sovereignty in Jupiter, Florida.

Dangerous Mexican Criminal Was Deported 9 Times (but Never Imprisoned)

What kind of punishment is it when violent criminal aliens are merely deported rather than imprisoned? They have no motivation to stay in Mexico when there is no negative reinforcement, merely a free trip home.

Those who commit crimes need to serve long terms in jail, breaking rocks into tiny little pieces, and be repatriated only […]