Employer of Houston Cop Killer Sentenced

In 2006, previously deported criminal Juan Quintero shot and killed Officer Rodney Johnson (pictured) after a traffic arrest in Houston, a sanctuary city known for protecting dangerous foreign criminals.

In 2008, Quintero was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison — quite a disappointment for us citizens who expect cop killers to pay the ultimate […]

Rep. Ted Poe: the Border Is a War Zone

Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX) recently described the dangerous conditions which Americans who live near the Mexican border must endure:

During Rep. Poe’s speech, he mentioned an article that he used as a reference, probably the following one, which focused on the murder of Robert Krenz:

The Krentz Bonfire, Tucson Weekly, April 29, 2010

Last week, Rob’s brother, Phil, […]

Rasmussen Poll: English Should Be the Official Language

Are Americans sick of pressing one for English? Perhaps the glorious multicultural multilingual future doesn’t look as good as diversity cheerleaders had promised. Or maybe citizens are alarmed by encroaching foreign influence, e.g. students being sent home from school for wearing American flag clothing so they wouldn’t offend Mexicans; or the shrieks of criticism […]